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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Spiritual Message Service

His Holiness Srila Bhaktivedanta Kusum Sraman Swami

Spiritual Message Service

December 11th 2002
1. Thank you very much for all the kind service you performed. Without it our campaign would have been very low. Gouranga!

2. When the pure holy name arises in the heart, all ignorance’s goes far away and love begins to rise. Please chant without offence.

December 13th 2002
3. Yesterday is now gone forever, let it go. Work to please Krsna now and do not let the past affect the present. Be KC now. Be positive. Krsna will be yours.

December 14th 2002
4. There are two types of devotees, I who serves Krsna in whatever way is wanted, and the other who serves in an advisory capacity. Which are you?

December 15th 2002
5. Krsna is not a fool He knows all things. He knows our motivations for what we do. We cannot trick Him at all. Act, think and speak to please Him.

December 16th 2002
6. Yesterday has gone forever. Today is the time for KC. Try very hard to be more KC today than ever before. Chant with great care, this is priceless.

7. The holy name is the greatest treasure we have, take great care of that wonderful sweet name, and nothing in existence can equal the name, prema from the name.

8. Serving Krsna means to offer or give Krsna what He wants, not what we want to give Him. What we want to give him maybe for ourselves not for Him.

December 17th 2002
9. Human life is meant for sacrifice, not for trying to be comfortable. So perform your work to please Krsna and that will be the supreme sacrifice.

10. Whatever you do is kept in the mind and will come back to you some time in the future. So whatever you think of or do will disturb you in future. Think Krsna.

December 18th 2002
11. Everything already belongs to Krsna, but He is so kind that when we offer Him something, which is already His, He is pleased with us. That’s real luv!

December 19th 2002
12. I am not the body! What is our true realization of that? Are we ready to fully face death now? If not, we should take to the KC process very seriously NOW!

December 20th 2002
13. We have all been delivered by the mercy of Lord Nityananda, we have no need to worry about anything. We just have to serve and we will go HOME!

December 21st 2002
14. Thinking, feelings, willing is the three qualities of the mind. But we should act according to guru, sastra, sadhu, not just how we feel or think. Chant it is the safest.

December 22nd 2002
15. We all belong to Krsna, we are His and life is ours. This is the only real truth everything else is illusion. Work to please Him only and you will be happy.

December 23rd 2002
16. See that all things are Krsna’s and that we have just to use everything to serve Him, Krsna is our mother, and Krsna is our father. Krsna is the treasure of our life.

December 24th 2002
17. Christmas is supposed to be a time of celebration and luv towards all. But we forget Krsna, guru, and then there can only be a hellish situation. Happy Krsnamas.

December 25th 2002
18. This material world is a place of suffering, so we must expect to suffer, but if we strictly follow the KC process we will go back to Krsna. THEN? NO MORE SUFFERING.

19. The missionary goal of a devotee is to convert one person into a pure devotee. Then his admission into the spiritual world is guaranteed. Preach, preach.

20. The way to successful preaching is by sincerely serving Lord Caitanya and following the instructions of the acaryas. Now let us all preach successfully.

21. The secret of success in spreading Krsna Consciousness is faith in the order of guru and Krsna. Take the order of guru and now preach to everyone.

22. By his work, thoughts and words, an intelligent man must perform actions, which will benefit all living entities in this life and in the next. PREACH!!!

December 26th 2002
23. Krsna is self-satisfied. He does not need us. We need him. Devotional service benefits the performer. Krsna has no real need for our service.

24. The service we offer Krsna, He does not need. He wants the Love with which the service is offered. Love is what attracts Krsna. Serve with Love!

December 27th 2002
25. We have to hold on tight to Krsna’s lotus feet and not let go. That means, Always chanting the holy names and following strictly guru’s orders.

26. Disciple means one who is disciplined by the instructions of guru and absolutely nothing else. A good disciple will follow whatever guru wants. NO ARGUMENT.

27. Some people think that they lead a truthful and honest life. But unless they are following Krsna’s orders, they’re in illusion. No truth without Absolute truth.

December 28th 2002
28. When the sun rises in the sky, all darkness is gone. So, also when the sun of Krsna Consciousness rises in the heart all darkness of ignorance will be gone.

December 29th 2002
29. This is the world of Maya (illusion). Do not think that Maya is not going to attack you because you have decided to be a devotee. No! You have to be determined.

30. Happiness and distress are coming and going all the time. Being a devotee means we continue with our KC no matter how the mind or modes act. Chant.

December 30th 2002
31. Performing devotional service should never depend on whether we are happy or not. Happiness and distress is a temporary duality, and therefore mental.

32. Devotional service must be done for the pleasure of guru and Krsna, and should never be dependent on whether we are happy or not. We are just servants. SERVE!

December 31st 2002
33. If the whole world is on your side and Krsna is your enemy, you are doomed, but if Krsna is your friend and the whole world is your enemy, you are saved.

34. When there are no fights between husband and wife, the goddess of fortune automatically comes to the home. The family that prays together stays together.

January 1st 2003
35. Lust is what separates us from Krsna. Lust is simply our selfishness and envy. We just think of what we want and how to use everything for ourselves.

36. Everything belongs to Krsna; therefore all things should be used in His service for His pleasure only. Otherwise it is lust and envy. Learn to serve that’s luv!

January 3rd 2003
37. We should never speculate, it is untruthful and at best very misleading. We are meant to lead the people to the Absolute truth. Speculation never does that.

38. If we feel that we have lost enthusiasm for service, then lust has arisen in the heart and is burning up the devotional creeper. Give up your desires and preach.

January 4th 2003
39. Two things are certain in this world. Suffering and death. Are you prepared to meet death? Are you learning to tolerate suffering? Keep chanting at all times.

40. Death can come at any moment. That is reality we should be prepared. Don’t think its not going to happen to me yet. That’s foolish. Chant and be ready.

January 5th 2003
41. Our relationship with Krsna can’t be broken or destroyed just forgotten for the time being and revived by the Lord’s grace when we follow his instructions.

42. We cannot expect that just because we engage ourselves in Krsna Consciousness we will see Krsna immediately. But we must have faith that we will see Him.

January 6th 2003
43. Krsna and His name are completely the same. So if we are chanting the pure name Krsna is there and all His associates, Gopis everyone. They are all with us.

January 7th 2003
44. The study of all scriptures is completed in all respects by one who studies the Bhagavad-Gita with devotion. Read some Gita everyday. Gouranga!

January 8th 2003
45. Pray for Lord Nityananda’s mercy. When we get His mercy all material desires will go far away, no more material attachment. Real life will begin.

January 9th 2003
46. We have to try to consciously develop devotion to the Lord. Do not just be mechanical in service; try to engage with the desire to please Krsna.

47. Everyday try to offer a little more service in a fully conscious way. Krsna wants the conscious love and devotion, He does not need anything. 

48. Thank you. Krsna is the property of the simple hearted devoted souls who are free from the propensity to find fault in others and who are dasadasanudas

January 10th 2003
49. The Holy Name and our relationship with guru and Krsna are the only things that are ours in this world. Everything else is temporary. Work on your KC.

50. Use all your energy both subtle and gross to cultivate devotional service and become absorbed in the holy names. Everything else is a useless waste of energy.

January 11th 2003
51. Are we expecting KC to bring us relief from material distress, or are we prepared to accept the distress and try to absorb in KC? Absorb that’s KC.

52. Will you read some Bhagavad-Gita today? Please do. Keep in contact with Krsna by hearing from him everyday. Hear what Krsna has to say, not the mind.

53. For the next seven days I will be travelling, so SMS may not come everyday. If you want to reply to me over the next seven days, reply to the number my SMS comes from.

54. Thank you. May the Lord stay with you and protect you always.

January 12th 2003
55. We have to learn to serve Krsna’s devotees with affection, because they are so dear to Krsna. It is easy to see faults in others, but vaisnava sees the good.

January 13th 2003
56. Devotional service should never be used as a way to get what we want, but as a process to please the Lord and thereby attain Love of Godhead.

January 14th 2003
57. Always remember that everything in this material world is temporary and we should always remain fixed in Krsna’s service no matter whatever happens.

January 17th 2003
58. As servants, we should be trying to serve this movement as much as possible not trying to get as much from the movement as possible.

January 18th 2003
59. Politics do not exist in KC. Krsna is the Supreme and everything is done for His pleasure and according to His desire. Everything else is MAYA!

January 21st 2003
60. Real love is only in connection with Krsna. Only when we are fully KC do we factually love anyone! If we are not KC, then there is still some amount of lust.

61. Thank you. Keep reading and may Srila Prabhupada and Krsna bless you with the full nectar that is truly Bhagavad-Gita.

January 22nd 2003
62. Real devotional service begins when the mind is brought under control. Chant attentively, control the mind, and desire to perform actual devotional service.

January 23rd 2003
63. One must perform ones duty whether it’s difficult or even distasteful to us. We should not act according to the direction of the mind that leads to hell.

January 24th 2003
64. Always remember, that we are no these bodies or minds. As soon as we forget this fact, our troubles start, because then we try to be the controllers, and that is not at all possible. We are at all times, the eternal servants, and as servants, by nature we must serve. Jiva cannot be the controller, Krsna is the Supreme Controller. So now serve and become happy. Trying to be the controller will only bring frustration and anxiety, SERVE, SERVE, and SERVE.

January 27th 2003
65. We must consciously practice loving Krsna. That means: doing just what He wants even if it is very difficult or it causes disturbances to us. Gouranga!

66. That which the fallen soul needs most and at all times, is guru. Without guru we will never get Krsna. We must serve guru in the way he directs not our way.

67. To have guru is the greatest blessing. Krsna has given His dear devotee to the fallen souls for their deliverance. Jiva must make gurus order dearer than life.

January 28th 2003
68. Do you truthfully think that the quality of our service and the standard of your japa are offerable to Krsna? Only the very best is offerable to Krsna.

January 30th 2003
69. Everything belongs to Krsna. He is the Lord of the spiritual and material worlds. So why are we so foolish to become very attached to that which is not ours? This attachment is the very cause of our suffering. We come into the world with nothing; we will also leave this world with nothing. We are here to learn to serve Krsna and use all things in His service and not become envious of him and others. We are just so insignificant, but are really something when we serve Krsna, with love and devotion as we are meant for. Serve, serve, serve, that’s your real nature, stop trying to be something else. Gouranga.

February 1st 2003
70. We must learn to serve with an attitude of desiring to serve, desiring to please the vaisavas, Guru and Krsna, even if it is difficult for us. That’s service.

71. Krsna is our dear most friend. Who else would continue to fulfill our desires even though we are envious of them or act against their order or desire?

February 2nd 2003
72. When we chant Hare Krsna, that is Radhe Syama, we have Radhe Syama. But do we look after Them with great luv and care? Or do we ignore Them? Ohhhh!

73. Pride and false ego can be removed by serving the devotees with humility, and chanting with respect and affection. But we must make conscious efforts.

February 3rd 2003
74. The quality of a devotee is that he is always expecting Krsna’s mercy. Without His mercy, everything is worthless and useless. Pray for His mercy.

February 8th 2003
75. I am fine, I have been so busy with sankirtan festivals and meetings in London, that I have had no time and I am off in two minutes for an appointment this afternoon some four hundred and twenty kilometers away by car, then back this evening. From Monday I should be regular again. Gouranga, thank you for your concern. Hare Krsna.

February 9th 2003
76. When the pure sun of the holy name arises in the heart, then all darkness of ignorance will be gone. Chant with great attention and affection.

77. Because we are trying to be something we are not in this world that causes distress and anxiety. Just be a simple servant and accept any service given to you.

78. Ignorance is the cause of our suffering. Ignorance causes us to forget that we are the servants and lovers of Krsna. Chant, wake up from ignorance.

79. Please thank all those who wrote letters of support for the Hungarian issue. By their support and Krsna’s mercy, everything has worked out well for us. Thank you for all your work and service also. May the Lord shower His loving mercy upon you continually. Hare Krsna.

February 10th 2003
80. The mind is like a bird and flies here and there on two wings. One is the wing of the past, and the other the future. The mind is always thinking of the past or speculating about the future but very rarely is it fixed on the present. We must put the bird of the mind in a cage and train it to think only of Krsna and devotional service. Chant, Chant, Chant. Get the bird of the mind to stay in one place, the present, and chant Hare Krsna.

81. Always remember, that whatever we say or do, there is a reaction for that. So always be very careful what you say or do. Work and speak only for Krsna.

February 11th 2003
82. It is us who need to perform devotional service. Krsna does not need the service we offer. He is eternally self-satisfied. He is just merciful to us by accepting the service that we try to offer Him. So, perform your service with care and attention. Krsna does not have to accept it. We need our service to be accepted. Bhakti is what Krsna wants. Without bhakti the service is not attractive to Krsna. Learn to serve with real bhakti.

February 12th 2003
83. We must make KC the all-important part of our life, in fact KC is real life; all else is temporary and will be finished. KC is eternal, so that is your true life, accept this truth and work very hard to do everything for the pleasure of Krsna, and stop making arrangements for our own comforts or attempts at being recognized in this world. Love is service to Krsna offered by jiva without expecting anything in return. Serve, serve, serve, it is jivas eternal nature, accept this and no longer try to be the controller or master of material energy or other jivas. Chant and be happy.

February 13th 2003
84. Each new day is another great opportunity to be more KC. Take full advantage of this new day and try harder each day to be more KC. Don’t waste your life.

February 14th 2003
85. Whoever worships Lord Nityananda’s lotus feet and remembers them, breaks all obstacles into pieces. Jaya Nita! Jaya Goura the mater of Nitai.

February 15th 2003
86. Please take shelter of the merciful Sri Nityananda and very soon all material desires and affections will be gone. By Nitai’s mercy all obstacles can be overcome. So take him as your Lord and master. Make Him your dearest friend and take Him into your heart. By His sweet mercy the highest prema is very easily attained. Go get Nita, He wants you. Gouranga. Be a simple devotee, just serve and chant.

February 16th 2003
87. Spiritual advancement can only be made when we act, speak and think for the pleasure of Guru and Krsna and no other reason or purpose. Anything separate from these is like the separate energy of the Lord; it is the Maya prakrti, or the material energy, that which is separated from Krsna. MAYA!!!! All that you do, or offer or give away should be done as an offering to Krsna. Act for Krsna’s pleasure and free yourself from the bondage of the three modes of material nature. Gouranga 

February 17th 2003
88. Krsna Consciousness means: To be fully aware at all times of what is pleasing to Krsna, and doing that and nothing else and not just trying to do what we want to do for Krsna, and hoping that we will be KC by seeming to act for Krsna, but really just doing what we want. Tricky Maya tricky mind.

February 19th 2003
89. We should never be surprised by anything that happens in this material world, things are constantly changing, that is the nature of this temporary world. Chant

February 20th 2003
90. We have been given the greatest of all gifts, the sweet holy name of the Lord. There is nothing superior to this. Keep this wonderful treasure very safe and look after that greatest treasure with your entire life. It is all jiva has! But there is nothing greater to have; everything else is the servant of the Name. Chant with great care. Keep your priceless treasure locked away safely in your deep heart of heart.

February 21st 2003
91. Maya is everywhere at all times in thought, touch, sound, sight, smell, taste and everything associated with these. Be very careful every second of the day, and in every way you can. She is very precise and accurate in her work of covering the jivas. Chant and take shelter of the Lord at all times otherwise you are probably in Maya. Gouranga be happy.

February 22nd 2003
92. The holy name when chanted without offence will destroy all sins and the reaction to all sins. Just try to chant attentively and with an un-agitated fixed mind.

February 25th 2003
93. The true purpose of devotional service is to please Krsna and nothing else. It is not so that we can be happy or feel good. Learn to please our Lord.

94. We should always try our best to make sure that all our acts and words are authorized and are accepted by spiritual authority, otherwise it is material independence, and that leads to suffering in this world. Do not trust the mind and your feelings. Act according to spiritual authority if you want to get free from karma and go home to Krsna. Act according to guru, sastra, and sadhu, not Mind, I feel, I do!!! Gouranga chant and be bona fide.

February 26th 2003
95. One should never trust a woman, a dog, or a politician. Also, one should never trust one who is attached to these three. Niti sastra, Canakhya Pandit.

96. Never trust or put your faith in anything that is material. It is temporary, controlled by the three modes and subjected to duality at every second of time.

97. This Kali yuga, the age of quarrel and hypocrisy. So it is not a surprise that the biggest materialistic nation, USA, which is most affected by Kali, is prepared to go to war so easily. In this age virtue will become vice, good will become evil, and religion will become irreligion. So we can see that even USA and UK’s reasons for the war against Iraq are much influenced and actually a product of this age of quarrel and hypocrisy. This is just the beginning of Kali yuga. Let’s chant and get out of here fast. Gouranga.

February 27th 2003
98. We do not have to worry about making advancement. If we continue to chant the holy names and offer service, we automatically advance. Just try to learn to accept this simple truth, and chant nicely and willingly, serve with a willingness to please guru and Krsna. YOU WILL ADVANCE.

March 1st 2003
99. Mercy is with us all the time. We have to be willingly and determined to accept it. Mercy has effect when we accept it. We should not just want mercy for the sake of making life easy. When mercy comes we should be very willing to show our desire to accept it and work very hard in KC so that the mercy can and will fully affect us. But we have to endeavor to work hard in KC and not just expect the mercy to do everything for us and we just lie back and take it easy in life. No, that is Maya that is not accepting the mercy that is looking for sense-gratification in the name of KC and guru and Krsna’s mercy. Work hard, do what is wanted, and then you will be getting the mercy and more will come. Gouranga.

March 2nd 2003
100. In Kali yuga there is no good qualities. There is one good quality and that is the Lord’s holy name. Only one who chants the holy name has good qualities. Chant and all good qualities will develop. Don’t just be a product of Kali. Take the name and chant at all times, otherwise Kali will enter the heart and mind and all bad qualities will take over your life. Chant, chant, chant Gouranga save us.

101. A good businessman is attentive to his own business. So a devotee should also be attentive to their business, otherwise you may get caught up in someone else’s business and if they are in Maya so must you be. Get out of your own Maya that is difficult enough. Trying to get out of someone else’s Maya and your own may be impossible. So, keep your mind fixed in your own business and don’t get involved with others. Gouranga.

102. Thank you prabhu. Best wishes. May the Holy Name become dearer to you than your very own life. Hare Krsna.

March 3rd 2003
103. Our biggest problem in this world is desire. Material desire! If we can stop desiring material things and try to just desire to please guru and Krsna according to what they want and not what we want to offer Them, then we will be beginning real spiritual life! If we continue desiring materially, then we are automatically creating another birth in the material world. Stop desiring that which is material and learn to accept that which comes to you of its own accord, perform service with the desire to please guru and Krsna and do not keep thinking of other things or what you think are better situations when doing your service. Just do as you are directed by spiritual authority, and accept that you are the most fortunate person to be given some service to guru and Krsna. Serve to please guru and Krsna and not to please yourself. Gouranga. Always chant.

March 4th 2003
104. Be careful at all times, Maya, Kali and the three modes never sleep or are inattentive at anytime, they are all-pervasive, and are everywhere and in all things.

March 8th 2003
105. The KC temple is the hospital for the diseased soul. Everyone is diseased. Come to this hospital, and we shall take care of you and cure your material disease.

March 10th 2003
106. It is only when we take our eyes off the goal that we see problems. So, always keep focused on the goal, Krsna and service to Him. Then no problems.

March 12th 2003
107. Never be surprised by anything that happens in this material world. The nature of this world is that everything is always changing and it is temporary.

March 13th 2003
108. HELP, HELP, HELP!!! Money needed to build temple in Muslim country. Get the mercy from Gouranga now. Give as much as you can, and get others to give. Let us make a nice offering to Lord Caitanya by giving as much as we can to help build a temple in Kazakhstan. Please everyone give something. Nothing too small nothing too big!!! Thank you, yours the useless beggar.

March 14th 2003
109. Gouranga is coming very soon. He is here in His merciful name. Call for Gouranga. Worship Gouranga. Chant the name of Gouranga. Gouranga delivers!

March 16th 2003
110. There is no shortage of anything in this world. The only thing that there is a shortage of is Krsna Consciousness. Go give KC to everyone. We have it!

March 17th 2003
111. Pray for the mercy of Lord Gouranga. Then take the mercy! Chant, Chant, Chant!!! The chanting of the Holy Names is His mercy. Take the mercy!

March 18th 2003
112. Gouranga has come. We are all safe now. Give up all fears and just worship His two great big wonderful yellow lotus feet. Chant, Chant, Chant. Gouranga!

March 19th 2003
113. Gouranga came to give everyone pure love of Krsna. We now have to be sincere and accept that greatest of all gifts. Do not take Krishna Consciousness cheaply!

March 20th 2003
114. Gouranga. We have been given the greatest, the best gift we could ever receive, and the holy name of Krsna. Keep him safe look after Him by chanting with devotion.

March 23rd 2003
115. If we do not serve Krsna, then we must serve Maya. If we serve Maya, then that means we will automatically suffer. Serve Krsna or Maya it is your choice.

March 25th 2003
116. Before we act or speak we should always think is what I am going to do or say pleasing to guru or Krsna. If not then do not do it or say it.

March 26th 2003
117. Never forget that the Lord is in your heart. He knows everything we say, we do or we think. He also knows our motivation for what we say, do or think.

March 27th 2003
118. Never underestimate the power of Maya. To think that Maya does not affect you is MAYA!!! Protect yourself by chanting with a fixed mind.

119. Do not try to enjoy the material energy. There is reaction for all that we do. Is last years smiling today’s crying? Will today’s laughing be our future crying?

120. Never ever underestimate the potency of Maya. She is completely all-pervasive in this material creation. Take shelter of the Holy Name of Krsna.

March 28th 2003
121. When we wake in the morning we should be very happy that we have now another chance to increase our relationship with Krsna by service and chanting.

March 29th 2003
122. Krsna Consciousness is a change in heart, not a change in any material situation. We have to want that change of heart and not hold onto attachments.

March 30th 2003
123. Nothing in this world is ours! We will have to leave it all behind at death. The only thing jiva has which is its own, is its eternal relationship with Krsna.

March 31st 2003
124. Everyone is suffering due to ignorance of the real self. We must educate the people. We must distribute Prabhupada’s books. That is the real education.

April 2nd 2003
125. Try today to be more Krsna Conscious than ever before. Be very positive in controlling the mind. Don’t talk of useless things. Chant and pray more.

126. Lets pray very devotionally and sincerely to be real devotees with nothing but loving devotion to Krsna and his devotees as our eternal desire.

April 4th 2003
127. Never be surprised at what happens in this world. Always expect the unexpected. Chant Hare Krsna at all times and keep the mind steady.

April 5th 2003
128. Krsna has given us everything, we just have to offer it all back to Him with love and devotion. Everything is his. We also are His. Gouranga.

April 6th 2003
129. Love of Krsna is within us. We just have to re-awaken that love. So we have to put lust, selfishness, envy and greed to rest in order to awaken real love.

April 7th 2003
130. A pious person never forgets the good that another person has done for them and a demon never accepts advice. Gouranga be happy.

April 8th 2003
131. A devotee is one who is meek and humble. Therefore one should consider himself or herself a great fool; otherwise one will never learn spiritual science.

April 9th 2003
132. It is not possible to satisfy the senses; the senses always want more or something else. You can satisfy Krsna by service and become eternally happy.

133. Never let yourself be influenced by negative-ness. Always remember to chant the holy name of Krsna. Krsna’s name is eternally positive. Chant, stay positive!

April 11th 2003
134. Dear Bhaktin Cheron, Thank you for your kind thoughts. May the greatly merciful Lord Sri Rama, protect, direct and deliver you and your family.

135. May you all be blessed by the sweet soft-hearted mercy and love of Sri Rama, on this great day of His wonderful appearance. Jai Sita Rama.

April 12th 2003
136. We should not be thinking what we can get from ISKCON but we should be thinking what we could offer to ISKCON. We are servants. SERVE!!!

137. We should not serve the way we want, that is conditional service. But we should serve the way guru and Krsna want. That is real devotional service. GOURANGA!

April 13th 2003
138. Dog is fighting with cat. Dog is thinking he is dog and cat is thinking he is cat. Human is thinking, I am Englishman, I am American, I am Arab. So they are also thinking the same as the animal, animal consciousness. So there will be fighting. As long as we identify with the body there will be fighting. There must be spiritual consciousness for there to be peace.

April 14th 2003
139. One of our biggest problems in this world is that we are not sufficiently afraid of Maya. Be careful, Maya is very powerful and is everywhere. Chant.

April 15th 2003
140. Impossible! This is a word from a fool’s existence. Nothing is impossible where the Lord is involved. The Lord is unlimited so everything to do with the Lord is also unlimited. So never limit what can be done for Krsna at any time. The Lord can make anything and everything possible.

April 16th 2003
141. Krsna is our dear most friend, and He is the dearest friend of everyone else. Finding deep friendship in this world is very difficult. All are imperfect, so they do not really know how to reciprocate properly. Develop your real deep love and friendship with Krsna our true friend and lover.

April 17th 2003
142. Please sit down for five minutes and chant with full attention. Make this the best you have ever chanted. Be very determined to fully hear the holy name.

April 18th 2003
143. To get Krsna prem, pure love for Krsna, we have to learn to love Krsna more than anything and everything else. Chant with devotion and love will grow.

April 19th 2003
144. We have to always remember, that it is DEVOTIONAL service that we are performing not just service. Cultivate the mood of devotion.

145. Dear Bhaktin Cheron, I will be in SA in about a week or ten days time, so you can see me then about the donation for Kazak. Thank you. Gouranga.

April 20th 2003
146. We can all home to Godhead! It is easy. How you may ask? Very easy!

147. In the taxi of the holy name, driven by the vaisnava sadhu from Nitai cabs, which run on the fuel, of Nitai’s mercy, which never runs out. Jump in jiva.

148. How much do we have to pay for the taxi fare? One cent/pence of faith in the Holy Name and Lord Nityananda’s mercy. Gouranga. Go home jivas.

April 21st 2003
149. We have to get the mercy and favor of a vaisnava sadhu. The vaisnava saint is so dear to Krsna. By getting his mercy we automatically get our Lord.

April 22nd 2003
150. Let us make sure we keep the devotion firmly fixed and increasing in our devotional service, and not let it become just service! DEVOTIONAL service ki jai!

151. Dear Bhaktin Cheron, Gouranga. Thank you for your kind appreciations. May Lord Caitanya award you the priceless gift of pure Krsna prema.

April 23rd 2003
152. The real business is preaching Krsna’s glories, and if there is full attention to this only, all other businesses will automatically be successful. PREACH.

April 24th 2003
153. Everything we do is just a simple choice of Krsna or Maya! Nothing more, nothing less. Choose Krsna, everything has to be for Him, or it is Maya.

April 25th 2003
154. There is no excuse for not loving and serving Krsna. Loving Krsna means to serve Him with complete body mind and soul. Not serving Krsna is maya.

April 26th 2003
155. We should not think that one place or another is better in this world. All are places of suffering and all cause us to forget Krsna. That is true suffering.

April 27th 2003
156. In this material world we can expect suffering. We have to want to leave this world of maya and give up our affections for the world and all in it.

April 28th 2003
157. Do not make so many arrangements to try to be comfortable in this world. No, get out as soon as possible. This is a place of suffering. Chant and go to Krsna.

April 29th 2003
158. All the mercy we need is there in the Holy Name and the association of the devotees of the Lord. Take the Holy Name as your greatest treasure.

April 30th 2003
159. The bigger our false ego is, the further we appear to be away from Krsna. Shorten this distance by sincere devotional service and attentive chanting.

May 1st 2003
160. When you run away from Maya make sure you leave no contact or forwarding address. When we accept Krsna it has to be in heart not just in theory.

May 2nd 2003
161. Do not make plans to be Krsna conscious. Start practicing NOW! You never know when death will come. Start chanting with devotion and attention NOW!

May 3rd 2003
162. Krsna knows everything, but, him no one knows. But we can know how to perform devotional service by guru’s mercy and in that way get to know Krsna.

May 4th 2003
163. The separated energy of Krsna, this material world, is so very attractive to us. How wonderful must the eternal spiritual be? Let us go and find out.

May 5th 2003
164. Liberation comes in the form of death to a devotee. Either we go to Krsna or get another body to perform more devotional service. Both are good.

May 6th 2003
165. Krsna never leaves Vrndavan. If we want to attract Krsna, then our hearts and minds must be like Vrndavan, full of pure love and devotion. Chant with love.

May 7th 2003
166. We all, as eternal souls have the same spiritual qualities as Krsna. So we are very capable of reaching the spiritual world where we belong.

May 8th 2003
167. It is us who are holding on to Maya, not Maya who is holding on to us. We are the ones who are attached and have to let go of the material energy.

May 9th 2003
168. Never underestimate Maya. Be prepared at all times for the illusory energy trying to misdirect you from the path of KC. Watch for the small things, even tiny mosquito’s can cause great disease that kills. Maya is very subtle and will use little things to cover the tiny jiva soul. Chant.

May 10th 2003
169. Never think that you cannot go back to Godhead. That is BIG Maya. The devotee is always expecting Krsna’s mercy. Chant and go home to Krsna.

May 11th 2003
170. If we just learn one verse of Bhagavad-Gita every week we will know fifty-two verses in a year and in a few years we will know most of the Gita. Let’s try it. Just the translations.

May 12th 2003
171. We came into the world alone, we will go out alone. Don’t become attached to anyone or anything, you can’t take anything with you when you go, just Krsna.

May 13th 2003
172. We must cultivate a strong desire to give up material attachments. We must want to cultivate that desire, not just hope that it will come to us one day.

May 14th 2003
173. Lord Nrsimhadeva killed the demon who was the personification of lust. We should pray to Him to remove our lust so that we can begin to luv Krsna.

May 15th 2003
174. Let us all try to remember Lord Nrsimhadeva as much as possible today, and in that way free our hearts from the lust that stops us from loving our Lord.

175. om namo bhagavate narasimhaya
All glories to the Supreme Lord, who appeared as the half-man, half-lion incarnation. Jaya Nrsimhadeva!!!

May 16th 2003
176. We must develop the desire to truly want to love and serve Krsna; otherwise our material desires will be constantly pushing us in a sinful direction.

May 17th 2003
177. If everyone can read one verse and purport from Srimad-Bhagavatam everyday that will be very pleasing to Srila Prabhupada. Make this a long-term commitment.

May 18th 2003
178. Never be attached to not doing your duty. We must serve guru and Krsna under all circumstances and not let anything stop us from doing our duty.

May 19th 2003
179. We just have to chant daily, read Prabhupada’s books, perform regular devotional service, take prasadam and associate with devotees and we will be KC.

May 20th 2003
180. There was never any better time for chanting and being Krsna conscious than NOW! NOW is always the best time to chant and be KC. Try it!

181. We have to try to understand our great fortune to be given the holy name and the process of KC. Try you’re very best to take full advantage of this. Chant.

May 21st 2003
182. Death can come at any moment! Be prepared, chant at all times. If the Lord wants to kill you, who can save you? If the Lord wants to save you, who can kill you?

May 22nd 2003
183.Dear Bhaktin Cheron, Gouranga! I wanted to visit you and your family at home, but my time is running out very rapidly, and I have had to get involved in things that I did not bargain for. But it is all in Prabhupada’s service. I will certainly try hard on my return to make a point of visiting you all. I hope this is agreeable with you. My best wishes to your husband and your daughters. Look after yourselves and may the Lord be your constant source of strength and spiritual inspiration so that your KC may never falter in any way or at any time. Hare Krsna! Your insignificant servant, the worthless bb puri goswami.

184. Learning about KC and practicing KC is actually real self-interest. We are all self-centred and self-interested in this world, but KC is true self-centeredness.

May 23rd 2003
185. Hare Krsna! Thank you for all your kindness and service. I wish you and your family the very best in KC. I will make a point of visiting your home on my next visit to SA. Till then Hare Krsna and keep the treasure of the Holy Name always in your heart and mind and on your tongue. Gouranga.

186. Always remember that nothing at all belongs to us in this world and that everything that is ours we left behind in the spiritual world. Don’t become attached.

May 25th 2003
187. Krsna Consciousness means full cooperation with Krsna, and Krsna means with all His devotees, His qualities, His abode, His name, completely everything.

May 26th 2003
188. A devotee’s business is to appreciate the value of other devotees and not criticize anyone, because everyone is engaged in the service of the Lord according to one’s capacity. Krsna wants to see how much one is sincere in rendering Him service. He is looking for our love.

May 27th 2003
189. Being KC is factually natural for the soul. Being in Maya is totally alien and completely unnatural for the soul. The soul is spiritual by nature. Maya is material.

May 28th 2003
190. Envy kills all devotional spirit and makes us seem like enemies of each other if we have envy. Please serve the devotees nicely, that pleases the Lord.

May 29th 2003
191. We came into the world alone, we will go out alone. But this time think of Krsna on the way out, and you will never come back again.

May 30th 2003
192. KC is the greatest gift one can be given. Maya always tries to get us to minimize our KC and the KC of others. Learn to appreciate your KC and others who are KC.

May 31st 2003
193. The material world is for getting out of as soon as possible. We should work in such a way as to prepare to leave this world as soon as we can.

June 1st 2003
194. Prabhupada has given us everything when he gave us the Holy name. Krsna is the Holy name and all things spiritual and material come from Him. So we have been given Krsna, so therefore we have been given everything. With Krsna are all His dear devotees. Radhe, the gopis, the cowherd boys, the cows, the entire spiritual existence and all its transcendental activities and qualities. We have been given absolutely everything by Srila Prabhupada. There is no need or reason to go or look anywhere else.

June 2nd 2003
195. This is the first day of the rest of your life. How much longer this life will last, YOU DO NOT KNOW? Be KC now. Make this a big KC day.

June 3rd 2003
196. Do not work so hard just to get relief from your suffering in life. Learn to tolerate the miseries and work hard to be KC, and then at the end of life go to Krsna.

June 5th 2003
197. Initiation into KC is not membership into some elite spiritual club where now I am a member and I get certain benefits and respect given to me. NO! Initiation means, now I have been accepted as the servant of guru, the vaisnavas and the Lord, I must make my only life’s business to serve them without reservation and not expect anything at all in return. Any other mood is completely material and will obstruct us in advancement on the path of bhakti.

June 7th 2003
198. Everyone is looking for luv. Luv personified has descended to us in the form of the Holy names. Now show your love and chant with great care and attention and reciprocate with the Lord. Love is a reciprocal thing, not at all selfish and one-way. Chant with love and your true lover, Krsna will soon appear directly before you. May the Holy name be your shelter, protector, deliverer and goal of life.

June 9th 2003
199. Krsna Consciousness is the only true reality. All other things are illusion. Follow the Krsna conscious authorities and remain in KC.

June 10th 2003
200. Raising His lotus hands in the air, Lord Nityananda exclaims: Come living entities! Give up the troubles of karma and jnana. Since you are endeavoring for happiness, I will give you happiness without asking anything in exchange. In this happiness there is no trouble loss or pain. Just chant the name of Gouranga and dance without anxiety. There is nothing equal to the happiness that I am giving. That happiness is pure, eternal ecstasy-beyond all illusion!

June 11th 2003
201. Gouranga! Never speak badly of devotees at any time. Try to see the good in everyone and keep the mind under control. Everyone has faults.

202. Dear Cheron, Gouranga! Thank you for your text and kind concern. My regards to the family. It is very pleasing that you are all learning Gita. Please continue in this way and your lives will be a success. Looking forward to seeing you all on my return to SA. Look after each other; you are all dear to Krsna. Gouranga! 

June 12th 2003
203. If Lord Nityananda just sees tears in the eyes once when a person chants Gouranga, He will give that person all facility. Gouranga! Chant, chant, chant!

June 13th 2003
204. We should not at any time minimize the Lord, His holy name or His devotees. By doing this, we are actually minimizing ourselves and no one else.

June 14th 2003
205. We must practice Krsna consciousness for the purpose of becoming pure devotees of the Lord and not for trying to fulfill our material desires and aspirations. Happiness in KC does not mean our idea of happiness. NO! It means making Krsna pleased by our service and accepting whatever He wants to give us in return for that, and us being pleased by whatever Krsna gives us. Try to learn to serve God for God’s sake and no other. Gouranga!

June 15th 2003
206. The only reason we suffer, is because of past sins. So we should never think that we are suffering because of others. We must now be KC, then eventually as we become purer in our consciousness our sinful reaction will decrease and we will in the end return to our eternal home, the spiritual world, never to return to this world of suffering and death. We have all been sinful, now let us be brave enough to accept the reactions and not look at others as the cause of our suffering, otherwise we will suffer more. Be KC think of Krsna and perform devotional service.

June 16th 2003
207. We must learn to accept the reactions to our sinful activities and never blame others for our suffering. Krsna is absolute in His judgment. The law of karma is very exact, and gives reactions for our own sins, not the reactions to the sins of others. Whatever you do will come back to you! Krsna will never kick the cat for what the dog has done. To blame others for our suffering is also sinful activity. Gouranga!

June 17th 2003
208. We have to completely and fully accept that Krsna Consciousness is our original eternal consciousness. That is us, that is the you and me, and everything else is the cause of our sufferings. All else is Maya. If we do not fully accept this absolute truth, then we are in illusion and will suffer more. We have to work on re-awakening our true consciousness. Start now! Let’s now be us and accept nothing else.

June 18th 2003
209. We should never be surprised at anything that happens in this material world. Everything is endlessly changeable. We must be fixed in KC. That’s safety!

June 19th 2003
210. One who is KC is never negative. How is it possible to be negative when everything about KC is absolutely positive? Negativity means Maya. Be KC.

June 20th 2003
211. We need Krsna. He does not need us. What do we have that He needs or would want? Everything we have belongs to Him. WE NEED HIM!! Serve Him.

June 21st 2003
212. Krsna is Krsna. Maya is Maya. You cannot be partly KC. If you are thinking of Krsna, that is KC. If you are not thinking of Krsna, that is Maya (illusion).

June 22nd2003
213. What does the soul have which belongs to it?? NOTHING AT ALL!! Everything spiritual and material is Krsna. Why be attached to things which are never ours.

June 23rd 2003
214. Karma is our own. We get reaction for what we have done in the past. Never blame anyone else for what ever happens to you. Chant; become free.

June 24th 2003
215. Human life is meant for self-realization. Unless we are endeavoring for self-realization through the process of KC, are we human beings or animals. Be KC.

June 25th 2003
216. Krsna never leaves Vrndavan. So if we want Krsna to be with us, we have to make our heart and mind the same as Vrndavan, full of unmotivated pure love.

217. Full unmotivated pure love means loving service to Krsna without desire for any recognition, reward or anything in return. Just the desire to please Krsna!

June 26th 2003
218. We should not pray to Krsna for anything. We should pray to all His eternal devotee servants for their mercy to become one of their servants.

June 27th 2003
219. The ultimate and only true goal of life is to die!! Die, with the mind completely absorbed in Krsna ALONE!! And nothing else, all else will bring us back.

June 28th 2003
220. The best and most advantageous time to think of Krsna is right NOW!! Immediately if not sooner. We never know when the end will come. Gouranga!

June 29th 2003
221. When you run away from Maya, be careful not to leave a forwarding address. We can never defeat Maya. We can only take shelter of guru and Krsna.

June 30th 2003
222. No matter what happens in this world to you at any time, just always keep one thing with you in heart and mind; Krsna’s Holy Name is all that is needed.

July 1st 2003
223. The only things that the soul needs in this world is the holy name, devotional service, guru, and association of devotees. All else is disturbance.

July 3rd 2003
224. Krsna is looking for simple servants who will serve Him with pure love in the way that is pleasing to Him. By offering to serve Krsna in a way that we want, that is pleasing ourselves NOT Krsna, that is not pure devotional service. Serve to please Krsna and Him alone. Give up self-centeredness and material considerations. Simply serve in the way that is wanted.

225. Chant with the mood of trying to please Krsna. Not with any pre-planned idea of what we should get from our chanting.

July 4th 2003
226. Every individual must have his opinion; that is the significance of individuality, but all such differences must coincide in Krsna.

July 6th 2003
227. The spiritual science becomes revealed to the devotee from within the heart according to the degree of his surrender to Krsna. Chant and serve.

July 8th 2003
228. We come into this world with this body we leave without it. Nothing is ours everything is Krsna’s. Don’t be attached to that which is never yours.

July 9th 2003
229. Service to Krsna is the only and true reality. Everything else just creates further illusion, which is the cause of all suffering of the living entity. Live to serve Krsna and you will soon reach the eternal realm of bliss and love, and will be eternally satisfied there serving Krsna, your real eternal lover and dear most friend.

July 15th 2003
230. There is only one real business in this world, becoming Krsna Conscious. All else is completely useless and makes us all failures in life. Be KC and finish your business in this world now.

July 22nd 2003
231. Never be selective about service to Krsna. Always be happy and accept that you are one of the most fortunate souls to be offered the chance to serve.

July 23rd 2003
232. There is no greater gift, treasure or possession than the all-perfect holy name of the Lord. Chant that merciful name with reverence and affection.

July 24th 2003
233. We are all insignificant tiny entities but we hate being ignored by others. So never ignore Krsna when chanting, be attentive. He is the most important.

234. Don’t try to be something or anything in this world. Just perform devotional service properly and let your true self-shine through the material coverings.

July 27th 2003
235. The spiritual science becomes revealed to the devotee from within the heart according to the degree of his surrender to Krsna.

July 28th 2003
236. All the wealth in all the universes put together cannot purchase one Holy name of the Lord. We have got the greatest wealth ever, the Holy Names.

July 31st 2003
237. This material world is a harsh and anxious place to try to live. The spiritual world is the opposite, full of love and happiness. That is where we all belong.

238. To forget Krsna is the greatest gamble we can take. We do not know when we will die. So never forget Krsna or we will have to come back to this material world to suffer again. Chant and remember Krsna.

August 1st 2003
239. A devotee is not afraid of death, he knows that only the material body dies and the real self, the soul is eternal and never dies. Chant to realize this fully.

August 2nd 2003
240. A devotee is the servant of everyone. It is the very nature of the soul to serve. The soul will never be fully happy until it is serving completely. Serve jivas! Serve guru, Krsna and the devotees with all your body, mind and soul, and always tell the non-devotees about Krsna and devotional service. Then and only then will we be truly happy. Gouranga.

August 6th 2003
241. A devotee is one who wants to serve Krsna for Krsna’s pleasure. Not one who is asking Krsna for things. We serve Krsna, not He serves us.

August 7th 2003
242. Krsna Consciousness is the most important thing that exists; nothing else can equal it in any way. We must develop that KC and nothing else. Krsna Consciousness is the only true reality; all else is temporary, illusionary and the complete cause of the suffering of the living entities in this material world. BE KC!! It is the true reality and will fully satisfy the soul. Gouranga!

August 10th 2003
243. The Lord is in everyone’s heart as the Super soul, so He knows all our desires and motivations. We must act and speak truthfully and in a devotional way.

August 12th 2003
244. Thank you for your kind text. May Lord Balarama give you great strength and protection and award you entrance into the holy dham of Sri Vraja.

August 13th 2003
245. All souls are servants and will never be happy till they are serving Krsna and the devotees. So always step forward to offer service and never wait for service to come to you, otherwise are you still acting out of false ego, by thinking you are so important that you should be approached? No, a devotee is enthusiastic, wiling, always looking for service at all times and does not sit back waiting for someone to offer to engage him. A real devotee goes searching for service at every second. Serve jivas, serve!!! 

246. The only thing a jiva soul has which is its own is its relationship with Krsna through service. We must regain that which is our own as soon as we can.

August 15th 2003
247. A devotee never hates anything or anyone, because the devotee knows that everything and everyone is part and parcel of Krsna or His energy.

August 16th 2003
248. We are neither renouncer nor enjoyer; we are simply a servitor of Krsna. Please follow this principle and you will never be disturbed in any frightened condition offered by maya. Gouranga, chant and serve no matter what situation mentally or physically you find yourself in.

August 17th 2003
249. If we are thinking we know a lot or everything, we will never learn. The first thing in spiritual life, is to accept that we know nothing, then we can learn.

250. Krsna does not need anything we can do or offer Him. We are the ones who need to learn to offer everything to Him with love and devotion, free from lust.

August 19th 2003
251. Whether you are lusty or a thief or a murderer or whatever it may be, somehow or other you must develop this eagerness, this desire, ‘I must see Krsna’. Then Krsna will be seen.

August 20th 2003
252. Always think of the lotus feet of Sri Krsna and you will find no difficulties in executing the tasks allocated to you by Krsna.

August 21st 2003
253. A devotee knows how to engage himself and others in the service of Krsna completely, as well as all the wealth in the matter of propagating Krsna Consciousness. Rest assured.

August 23rd 2003
254. A spiritual master’s qualification is he’s trying his best to deliver the soul from these clutches of maya. That is a great service. Therefore he is very dear. One who is chanting or executing devotional service for his personal benefit and one who is trying to deliver others for other’s benefit, there is a difference.

August 26th 2003
255. Without the mercy of Balarama, nobody can appreciate Vrndavana life.

August 27th 2003
256. A madman, what does he not say, and a goat, what does he not eat?

August 28th 2003
257. One who is making false statements; he’ll suffer for that. So always be truthful, act always in the service of Krsna, the Absolute Truth!

August 30th 2003
258. As soon as you become God conscious the demons will create disturbance. Just like Lord Jesus Christ. He was crucified by the demons. The only fault was that he was god conscious. Just see, such an innocent person.

September 1st 2003
259. We have to work sincerely, and because Krsna is in everyone’s heart, there will be no difficulty to have the necessary facilities.

September 2nd 2003
260. Do your best to serve Krsna and he will give you the required intelligence to cope with disturbing situations.

September 4th 2003
261. Radharani is the source of spiritual liberation. Jaya Sri Radhe!

262. The animal propensity is to exploit others. And human propensity should be to do good to others. That is the difference between animal propensity and human propensity.

September 5th 2003
263. Guru and Krsna are two parallel lines on which the spiritual express runs very smoothly.

September 6th 2003
264. The best time to be Krsna Conscious is now! You never know what the future will bring. Start trying to be KC now and protect yourself.

September 7th 2003
265. For the soul that is the eternal servant of Krsna, by its very nature, there is no reason not to love and service Krsna accept that we are envious of Him.

September 8th 2003
266. To love Krsna is the true nature of the soul! So we will never be happy doing anything else. Establish the truth that will bring love and real happiness. Serve!

September 10th 2003
267. We should learn not to be false at any time. The Lord is in our hearts. He knows all our motivations and desires. At least we should be honest to ourselves.

September 11th 2003
268. The past now sleeps. Be fully awake and Krsna conscious to the present time and establish yourself in chanting and serving Krsna and devotees with love.

September 12th 2003
269. Always use intelligence. Never make uninformed statements based on hearsay or speculation and never agree with anyone just to be popular.

September 13th 2003
270. Truth is in direct relationship to Krsna and topics directly related to Him only. All else is quite simply illusion and not spiritually beneficial at all.

September 14th 2003
271. When you run away from Maya, be sure that you do not leave a forwarding address. Don’t hold onto illusion; take shelter of Krsna’s holy names.

September 16th 2003
272. Only that which is truthfully performed for the pleasure, glorification or service of Krsna, guru and their devotees is of any worth. All else is useless.

September 17th 2003
273. Krsna wants love and devotion. So, cultivate a sincere mood of conscious devotion in all that you do for Krsna and His devotees. Otherwise its material!

September 18th 2003
274. Work hard and absorb your mind in doing everything for Krsna’s pleasure. Accept Krsna consciousness as your eternal natural way of life.

September 20th 2003
275. Don’t just look for love and attention give it to others! The best and only love and attention is to engage someone in devotional service to Krsna.

September 22nd 2003
276. Never be surprised at anything that happens in this material world and never put your trust in anything material, it is all-temporary and will end soon.

September 24th 2003
277. Krsna consciousness is absolutely natural for all souls. It is its material existence that is unnatural and a source of suffering and anxiety to the soul.

278. Krsna always loves us. But we to now learn to love Him then we will be happy and so will He. Loving Krsna means doing what He wants not what we want!

September 25th 2003
279. Freedom means, free from action and reaction and the three modes of material nature, and that is only possible for one who acts in pure devotional service.

September 26th 2003
280. We must try very hard to develop a sincere mood of devotion toward Krsna and not just serve in a mindless unconscious way. Krsna is looking for love.

September 27th 2003
281. The soul is eternal. Krsna is eternal. The soul’s relationship with Krsna is eternal. We have eternal associates in the spiritual world. Let’s desire to go there.

September 28th 2003
282. Call out Gouranga and give Gouranga to everyone, and then Lord Nityananda will accept you as being His life and soul. Get His mercy. Gouranga.

283. Don’t be a slave to the body. Don’t be a slave to the mind. Follow guru, sastra and sadhu. Leave material slavery far behind! Go home to Krsna.

September 29th 2003
284. Devotees of Krsna must learn to be forgiving and kind toward all living beings. If we are not, then how can we expect Krsna to forgive us and be kind?

September 30th 2003
285. Krsna loves us so much. It must cause him so much pain when those He loves ignore Him. Be attentive when chanting. Don’t ignore Him any more.

October 1st 2003
286. The greatest treasure one can ever hope to have is the priceless Holy Name of Krsna. You all have Him. Look after Him with your very life and soul.

October 3rd 2003
287. Always be positive in your Krsna consciousness. Never let negativity take over your mind. Negativity is maya. Always do what is pleasing to Krsna.

October 4th 2003
288. In all things we do and in all situations and circumstances we may find ourselves in, we must depend upon Krsna. Depending on anything else is maya.

October 6th 2003
289. By serving Krsna and his devotee with great attention to detail, we will develop our love nicely. When we love, we serve with attention and enthusiasm.

October 7th 2003
290. If one is situated in real Krsna consciousness, he can face the most severe type of adversity and remain completely undisturbed.

October 8th 2003
291. Even Krsna whom we accept as the Supreme Lord had to go to gurukula and serve the spiritual master as a menial servant.

October 9th 2003
292. To save a man from impersonal calamity is the greatest service to humanity.

October 11th 2003
293. These two things are always side by side-Maya and Krsna-Krsna is service and Maya is sense gratification. Our duty is therefore to be very, very careful. The poison is personal ambition.

October 12th 2003
294. Feelings of loneliness are simply temporary manifestations due to past conditioning. We should try to concentrate our attention to our eternal relationship with Krsna.

October 13th 2003
295. We are not concerned with past misunderstandings; we are concerned only with progressive service to Krsna.

October 14th 2003
296. If one renders even a small amount of sincere devotional service, Krsna becomes obliged to elevate such a person; and what to speak of one whose entire life and soul has been dedicated to Krsna’s service.

October 15th 2003
297. Everything belongs to Krsna. So by His favor we get opulence and riches. But when we are opulent we forget Krsna because Maya is very strong.

October 16th 2003
298. These four principles; always think of Krsna, become Krsna’s devotee, worship Krsna and offer your respectful obeisance s to Krsna. That’s all! This is Krsna consciousness.

October 17th 2003
299. The beauty of the outer skin can be destroyed in only a few hours merely by a dose of a strong purgative, but the beauty of truth is indestructible and always the same.

October 18th 2003
300. Hare Krsna from Vrndavan dham. Hope you and the family are well and happy.

301. We are neither renouncer, nor enjoyer; we are simply a servitor of Krsna. Please follow this principle and you will never be disturbed in any frightened condition offered by maya.

October 19th 2003
302. The governing principle for our activity should be to do what is favorable for pleasing Krsna.

October 20th 2003
303. One who feels humble and meek has the door for the Kingdom of God opened for him or her.

October 21st 2003
304. When we simply remember to accept the control of Krsna and not to act independently then all fortune is automatically present.

October 22nd 2003
305. Simply propagate this chanting, dancing, feasting and following the regulative principles. These are the four pillars of our success.

October 25th 2003
306. By learning to serve Krsna and His devotees with a willing and devotional mood, real love will develop and our stay in this material world will soon be over.

October 26th 2003
307. Impossible is a word in a fool’s dictionary. All things are possible when we take shelter of Krsna through pure chanting of His Holy Name. CHANT!

October 28th 2003
308. Let us not forget what Srila Prabhupada has done for us all. If it were not for his great love and compassion for the fallen souls, none of us would be in contact at this time; we would be struggling on our own in this material world under the influence of the material energy. He has saved us all!! Please now take up his work and try your best to deliver the fallen souls by distributing his books and telling everyone about Krsna and Lord Caitanya.
That would be real appreciation of what Prabhupada has done for us. That would show that we understand his mood and purpose for being in this world. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and his great mission. May it spread throughout the three worlds.

October 30th 2003
309. We have been given everything, the holy names, devotional service, Prabhupada’s books and association of devotees. There is no reason for not being KC.

October 31st 2003
310. Krsna consciousness means that we are constantly conscious of doing and being what Krsna wants, not what we want or what anyone else wants.

November 2nd 2003
311. Never be surprised at what happens in this material world. Always try to keep engaged in chanting and remembering Krsna. Live Bhagavad-Gita not just read it

November 5th 2003
312. There is only one thing certain in life! DEATH!! But we will all be reborn in another body. Take KC seriously and put an end to continuous birth and death.

November 6th 2003
313. There is no shortage of anything in this world accept one thing, KRSNA CONSCIOUSNESS. Be KC, and let us all help to increase KC by preaching.

November 7th 2003
314. Everyone is in great need of mercy and Gouranga is the most merciful of all. Give everyone Gouranga and be merciful and get the mercy too.

315. Will be arriving in SA on Nov 12th and staying till Dec 5th. Hope all is well with you and yours. Gouranga is the most merciful. Take shelter at His lotus feet.

November 8th 2003
316. Dear Cheron, Hare Krsna! I will surely visit you and your family this time, no doubt! I will be with three devotees on this visit as we are coming to do work on the Deities and temple decoration, so I will have to be around the temple during the day nearly all the time, and will be free in the evenings. So I will come in the evening to visit, if the time is fine with you and the family. Hope all is well with you and the family.

317. I will come to visit your home on one condition…that you make cheese cookies this time. I never got any on my last visit…Gouranga.

318. Never think that you cannot go home to Krsna. That is complete Maya (illusion). We all belong there, we have no other home. Prepare to go. Chant!

319. Thank you. Looking forward to the 12th. Gouranga. Jai Sri Radhe.

November 9th 2003
320. To a devotee liberation comes in the form of death and puts an end to all suffering and material existence. All glories to our Lord who delivers His devotees.

November 10th 2003
321. Never give up your Krsna consciousness even if it is very little, Krsna will be pleased if you hold on no matter what happens. Hold onto Krsna, He’s yours.

November 12th 2003
322. Anyone who carries Krsna within himself constantly can go anywhere and turn the place into a sacred pilgrimage.

November 13th 2003
323. When initiation is given, the spiritual master becomes the spiritual master the spiritual father and the gayatri mantra becomes the spiritual mother and thus second birth takes place.

November 14th 2003
324. All is fine. Will be there Sunday!

325. Think of Krsna always and try to work sincerely and everything will come automatically.

November 15th 2003
326. If by the tongue you chant the Hare Krsna mantra, and by the tongue you taste prasadam, you will be perfect, simply by executing these two things.

November 16th 2003
327. By chance if one forgets Krsna, Krsna does not forget him.

November 17th 2003
328. If the husband is first class and the wife is chaste and faithful, then the home is heaven.

November 19th 2003
329. Our Krsna consciousness movement is how to become one of the gopi-jana. Then Krsna will save us from any danger even by lifting a hill or mountain.

November 20th 2003
330. When the husband is executing his activities very nicely it is a credit not only to the husband himself, but it is a credit to his wife also.

November 21st 2003
331. The spiritual science becomes revealed to the devotee from within the heart according to the degree of his surrender to Krsna!

November 22nd 2003
332. A leader must be peaceful, self-controlled, austere, pure, tolerant, honest, wise, learned and religious.

November 23rd 2003
333. Every individual being must have his opinion; that is the significance of individuality, but all such differences of opinions must coincide in Krsna.

November 24th 2003
334. Vaisnavas do not require practice any yogic power to become materially powerful. Simply his surrender to Krsna makes him all-powerful. This is the position of a vaisnava.

November 25th 2003
335. Our society is like one big family and our relationships should be based on love and trust. We must give up the fighting spirit and use our intelligence to push ahead.

November 26th 2003
336. In this age, it is more important to create devotees than to construct temples.

November 27th 2003
337. Krsna takes special appreciation for Hs devotees, who are engaged in risking for His preaching work, and He will give you special care and guidance at all times because you are sincerely trying to serve Him in this way.

November 29th 2003
338. Yes! As soon as you become strong, naturally there will be more enemies. That is natural.

November 30th 2003
339. Whether you are lusty or a thief or a murderer or whatever it may be, somehow or other you must develop this eagerness, this desire: ‘I must see Krsna’. Then Krsna will be seen.

December 1st 2003
340. Failure is the pillar of success. Then try. Again you shall try.

December 2nd 2003
341. Vedic civilization is, even if one is an enemy, if he comes to your home, you receive him as, so friendly that he will forget that you are his enemy.

December 3rd 2003
342. Real contraceptive method is that if you are unable to deliver your son from the clutches of birth and death, do not become a father.

December 4th 2003
343. Maya is on the backside of Krsna and if we keep ourselves always in the front side of Krsna, engaged in His service, then the external energy on the backside of Krsna will not be able to attack us.

December 7th 2003
344. True devotion to Krsna and His devotees’ means, to serve in the way that is pleasing to the Lord and His devotees, not in a way that pleases us.

December 8th 2003
345. We must pray with all sincerity, to become the true servants of Krsna and His devotees, without any personal motivation. Just serve them for their pleasure.

December 9th 2003
346. Always try to cultivate a mood of desiring to serve Krsna and His devotees. Never let the mind direct you away from this mood no matter what happens.

December 10th 2003
347. True devotional service factually means to do everything for Krsna’s pleasure without considering our own happiness, pleasure, comfort or ease.

December 11th 2003
348. Life is full of uncertainties, only one thing is certain, DEATH. Krsna consciousness is preparing you to meet death so that you never come back again, but return to Krsna where you all factually belong. Act to please Krsna and go to Him.

December 13th 2003
349. Never speculate on things, always find out the truth and act only on that. There is no truth without Krsna. So act upon Krsna’s direction and live in truth.

December 14th 2003
350. Always be honest with yourself and others then you will not live in fear. You will be able to approach Krsna and His devotees with an open devotional heart.

December 16th 2003
351. Working hard for the pleasure of guru and Krsna is the only truthful and beneficial activity; all other activities are the sure cause of suffering and pain.

December 17th 2003
352. To go back to Krsna we need to understand the spiritual science of devotional service, which can be done by studying Prabhupada’s books and giving them to others.

December 18th 2003
353. Nothing in this world factually belongs to us. We came into the world with the body only, and we will leave the world without that. Serve Krsna all is His.

December 19th 2003
354. Pray for the mercy of Lord Nityananda. He is the most merciful; no one is as merciful as He. Take Him as your very own very dear Friend and Lord.

December 20th 2003
355. The best and quickest way to get the Lords mercy is to chant His names and to preach to others about the lord. Distribute Prabhupada’s books.

December 21st 2003
356. Krsna knows all that we do, all we say and all we think. We can never cheat Him. The real is always known by Krsna. He knows all our motivations to all we do.

December 22nd 2003
357. Try to tell at least one-person everyday about Krsna, and try to get at least one person everyday to chant the Lord’s holy name. Then you will become dear to Krsna.

December 23rd 2003
358. Everyone in this material world is a great fool. Everyone in this world has given up their loving association with Krsna. That is the ultimate in foolishness.

December 24th 2003
359. We are all part and parcel of Krsna and until we are fully linked with Him again, we will always feel dissatisfaction. Service to Krsna with love will satisfy.

December 26th 2003
360. Each day we should try to be a bit more Krsna conscious. We should try to increase our awareness of everything around us belonging to Krsna.

December 27th 2003
361. Never blame others for whatever happens to you. You are the creator of your own destiny. We all get reactions according to our past actions. Act in KC!

December 28th 2003
362. The human form of life is the greatest gift if used to serve and glorify Krsna, if not used to learn to love Krsna; it will create future hell and anxiety.

December 29th 2003
363. The only thing that ever stops us from loving and serving Krsna completely is our own material desires and envy. We have to pray for the desire to serve.

December 31st 2003
364. Whatever has happened cannot be changed, leave it in the past. We must all work for the present and the future and try to make that KC. Gouranga.

January 1st 2004
365. We can always improve in our KC, we just have to desire to improve and act, speak and think in the way that guru and Krsna would want us to.

366. Thank you for your kind message. May Lord Nityananda be merciful upon you and your family, and be your speedy deliverer from the ocean of birth and death.

January 2nd 2004
367. There is danger in this world at every step. Do not be so foolish as to think that there is security and safety in this world. Chant and go to Krsna that’s safe.

January 3rd 2004
368. Human life is meant for sacrifice and performing austerities, not just for comfortable living. Give your life in Krsna’s service through the direction of guru.

January 4th 2004
369. Death may come at any moment; we should not think that it would not. Practice, be KC NOW! That is real intelligence. Death is the only thing that is certain.

January 5th 2004
370. There is no real love in this material world; it is all self-centered lust and nothing more. So we should not delude ourselves. Love is Krsna. No Krsna no luv.

January 7th 2004
371. Krsna must want us all because He has brought us in contact with His holy names, devotional service, Prabhupada’s books etc, etc. Now serve Him!

January 8th 2004
372. We may do our duty nicely, but if we do not develop our Krsna consciousness, then we are simply wasting our time. Life is for developing KC.

January 9th 2004
373. Never put your faith or trust in anything in this material world, all things and all beings are temporary. Put your faith in Krsna’s name and devotional service.

January 11th 2004
374. Krsna is truth; everything related to Him is truth. All else is untruth and is useless and harmful to the soul. Live Krsna’s way, Bhagavad-Gita etc. That’s truth!

January 12th 2004
375. Develop the desire to want to love Krsna, and pray for that desire to be fulfilled; don’t just wait on things coming to you. Pray sincerely with determination.

January 13th 2004
376. If we do not know our own spiritual eternal identity how can we say or even think we truthfully know anything else. Develop your spiritual consciousness.

January 14th 2004
377. The very best and most auspicious time and place to chant Krsna’s holy name is HERE and NOW!!! No one knows what will happen next. CHANT ALWAYS!

January 16th 2004
378. Attachment to that which is temporary is foolish and can only lead to suffering. Everything in this world is temporary. The Holy name is the only eternal object.

January 18th 2004
379. Will you give Krsna everything He wants from you? Everything we have is already His. But we are attached to thinking it is ours. Gouranga!

January 19th 2004
380. We have to love and serve Krsna in the way that Krsna desires, not the way that we want. The way we want is not real love, but may be lust.

January 21st 2004
381. Never be surprised by anything that happens in this world. Everything is constantly changing moment by moment. Be Krsna conscious and be safe.

January 22nd 2004
382. The distance between Krsna, and us is the extent of our own false ego. The thing that stops us being KC is our own self-centered material desires.

January 23rd 2004
383. Do you have full faith that Krsna’s the Supreme? If you do, then will you do whatever He wants? If not, then practice devotional service more strictly.

January 24th 2004
384. Liberation comes in the form of death to a devotee. We must become fearless and see death as a great chance to return to Krsna our Eternal Lord and lover.

January 25th 2004
385. As long as we are in this material world with a material body, we can expect difficulties. But we must remain steady in KC then we go to Krsna at the end.

January 26th 2004
386. A poisonous snake can be charmed with herbs and mantras, but the envious man cannot. Therefore the man is more dangerous than the poisonous snake.

January 27th 2004
387. This life of material existence is just like very hard wood, and if we can carve Krsna out of it, that is the success of our life. Master the art of KC.

January 28th 2004
388. Do not worry about what you have done wrong in the past. But be progressive and be concerned about making sure the future is good. Good means KC.

January 30th 2004
389. When we came into this material world everything was here, when we leave everything will remain. Nothing is ours do not get attached. Just be KC!

January 31st 2004
390. There will always be disturbance in this material world that is the nature of material energy. We have to try to act, think and speak for Krsna, that’s perfect!

February 1st 2004
391. Duration of life is calculated in breaths we take. We have only so many breaths, then the end. Don’t waste your breath talking of anything but Krsna.

February 2nd 2004
392. Forget the past that now sleeps, and never the future dream about. But live in times that are with you and progress you shall make. Chant always.

393. The appearance day of the all-merciful Lord Nityananda. He wanted everyone to get Gourangas name. Please get many people to say Gouranga!

February 3rd 2004
394. Gouranga
May Lord Nityananda bless you with Gouranga prema?! Say Gouranga my Friend be happy and make Nitai happy too.

395. ALERT! ALERT! THIS IS A SPIRITUAL HEALTH WARNING. If you do not chant Hare Krsna with love and attention, it can seriously damage spiritual health.

February 4th 2004
396. The real purpose of the Hare Krsna movement is to re-awaken the dormant love of the soul for Krsna by chanting the maha mantra and serving guru and Krsna.

February 5th 2004
397. One of our biggest problems in this world is that we are not sufficiently afraid of Maya and therefore we think we are not really so much in danger.

February 7th 2004
398. Krsna is goodness personified. Whatever is not related to Krsna is not good, no matter what it may be. Truth is good. Krsna is truth all else is illusion.

February 8th 2004
399. Krsna consciousness is simple for the simple, but complicated for those who are complicated. If you find KC difficult, then it is because you are complicated.

February 9th 2004
400. Learn to serve Krsna and His devotees in a way that pleases Them, not in a way that pleases us or makes us look good to other people.

February 11th 2004
401. Do not try to be something you are not. Just chant Hare Krsna and follow the process of devotional service under guru and your real self will develop.

402. One should not be surprised or shocked by anything that happens in this world of constant change. We should take shelter of Krsna’s name at all times.

February 12th 2004
403. Pray to Krsna to show you what He wants from you. Not pray for what you want from Him. He is master we are servant. Servant means doing only what master wants.

February 14th 2004
404. The best time to think of Krsna is NOW! The best time to chant His holy name is NOW! The best time to serve Him is NOW! Don’t wait start NOW! NOW! NOW!

February 15th 2004
405. As humans we have walked down every path in material existence in millions of species, and there is only one left we have not, the path back to Krsna, lets get walking.

February 16th 2004
406. The only time we see problems, is when we take our vision off the goal (KC). Fix ourselves on the goal and we will see and have no problems. Gouranga!

February 18th 2004
407. If we are not thinking of Krsna that is gambling. We are gambling that we are not going to die and have to be born again in a material body to suffer.

February 19th 2004
408. Be careful do not be attracted by anything in this world, it will cause you to forget Krsna and thereby suffer again, that’s the nature of this world. Chant!

February 21st 2004
409. When the benediction moon of Gouranga rises in the heart, all darkness or ignorance will be completely gone, then only pure love will remain.

410. May Lord Gouranga the moon of Navadvipa who is the king of dancers, appear splendidly in your heart. O Gouranga save us all. Please be merciful.

February 22nd 2004
411. We should pray very sincerely to the great devotees of the Lord for their direction and mercy to understand how to serve Krsna without selfish motive.

February 23rd 2004
412. Truth is absolute, no grey areas, no its or buts, no maybes’. Just black and white. Krsna or Maya (illusion) one or the other. It’s no game. You choose!

February 24th 2004
413. Perfection is acting, speaking and thinking for Krsna’s pleasure only and nothing else at all. Everything else is imperfect and causes suffering.

February 25th 2004
414. There is no true love without a humble, submissive, selfless service attitude toward the beloved (Krsna). Krsna can only be known by devotional service.

February 26th 2004
415. If we do not serve Krsna, then we are our own worst enemy. All misery we experience is due to not serving Krsna. Be good to yourself serve Krsna.

February 27th 2004
416. Devotional service must be unmotivated and uninterrupted in order to completely satisfy the self/Self. Serve with the mood to please Krsna, nothing else.

February 28th 2004
417. We all want Krsna’s mercy! But if that meant He will take away all our material attachments, desires and attractions, would we truly still want His mercy?

March 1st 2004
418. Be positive! Be Krsna conscious! Everything else is just negative and leads to the degradation of the soul. Krsna is light Maya is ignorance.

March 2nd 2004
419. Krsna is a person the supreme person. His name is the Supreme person. Everything is his. We must treat everything with great care as if it were His.

March 3rd 2004
420. Beg, borrow or steal the sweet, sweet nectar of the Lord’s Holy Name. But somehow get that Name, chant it and go home to your only real Lover, Krsna!

March 4th 2004
421. Purity will only come when we are attached to Krsna completely. He is purity, by staying connected with him more and more purity will come.

March 5th 2004
422. May Lord Caitanya, the moon of Navadwipa who is the king of dancers appear splendidly in your heart. Jai Sri Gouranga the savior of the most fallen.

March 6th 2004
423. All glories to Lord Gouranga! May His mercy enter your heart, and may your heart and mind be fully open to accept that sweet mercy, the mercy of love for Krsna.

March 8th 2004
424. Let Gouranga be the goal of your life. There is no one more merciful and loving than Him. He does not see the wrong we do, just the good. Who else sees like He.

425. Maya is very strong and we are very small and weak, we should not try to fight Maya but we should take shelter of Krsna, then we will be safe. Chant and be safe.

March 11th 2004
426. It is only when we forget that we are not the body and eternal servants of Krsna that problems begin. Sharpen remembrance by chanting attentively.

March 12th 2004
427. No matter what happens to you in this life, always hold onto your Krsna consciousness no matter what, all things are temporary accept Krsna consciousness.

March 13th 2004
428. Those who worship the supreme Lord compelled by fear, ambition, or a sense of duty are not pure worshipers. Serve God for God’s sake and no other.

March 14th 2004
429. The life of a devotee is the perfection of the human form of life. It is complete and all auspicious. It is the only spiritual truth found in the material world.

March 15th 2004
430. To give up the association of non-devotees is the duty of a devotee, and to fully surrender to the holy names of Krsna is the symptom of a vaisnava.

March 16th 2004
431. A living entity can never be the enjoyer of another living entity. All living entities are enjoyed and Krsna is the only enjoyer. Be Krsna’s be happy.

March 17th 2004
432. Even though human beings are civilized and advanced in material science and morality, they can never become superior to animals unless they accept God.

March 18th 2004
433. Among the three limbs of devotional service, namely, hearing, chanting and remembering, chanting is the best of all because it includes hearing and chanting.

March 19th 2004
434. Faultfinding arises only from projecting one’s own bad habits on others. This should be given up in all resects if one is to attempt devotional service.

March 22nd 2004
435. Krsna consciousness is not a fashion or a hobby or some way to get out of being responsible in life. It is our eternal spiritual natural way of existence.

March 23rd 2004
436. Time is priceless, with all the wealth in all the worlds we can’t buy back one second, and don’t waste time use every second in Krsna’s service.

March 25th 2004
437. We must learn to love, not in loves name cheat. There are those who are devotees and those who like to be seen as devotees. When we cheat we only cheat ourselves. Krsna as the gambling of cheats and is in the heart of all, therefore knows all our motives.

438. Our main problem in spiritual life is that we are not sufficiently afraid of Maya. We are still thinking we can enjoy somehow in this world and body.

March 27th 2004
439. The past should not be taken seriously. Dreams should not be taken seriously. Let everything go and take Krsna and His service. That’s being serious about life.

March 29th 2004
440. The very best time to be Krsna Conscious is NOW!!! TAKE Krsna NOW! Take the Holy Name, which is Krsna absolute and perfectly complete NOW!

March 30th 2004
441. Today is the appearance of Lord Ram, may He bless and protect you all in your Krsna consciousness. Jai Sri Ram. Jai Sita Ram, Ram helps us be strong in KC!

March 31st 2004
442. Krsna is yours. You are Krsna’s. We belong to only Him. He is the owner and controller of all. So everyone is His, nothing is ours only service to Him.

April 1st 2004
443. There is no hard and fast rule for chanting the holy names. Just chant the Name alone with no thought of anything else other wise it’s not the Name.
April 4th 2004
444. Pray that we gain an ever-increasing taste for chanting Krsna’s sweet holy names and that we never ever lose the taste at any time. Chant with attention always.

April 5th 2004
445. We are the only ones who gain or profit by chanting and doing devotional service. Krsna is self-satisfied. He has no need or desire for anything. We need Him.

April 6th 2004
446. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. We must always be conscious of what we do. Things done for Krsna’s pleasure bring no bad reaction.

April 7th 2004
447. To be truly happy, the soul has to be fully engaged in swerving Krsna and His devotees. The soul is by nature servant so only service will satisfy, nothing else.

April 8th 2004
448. We all need help and guidance in getting to know Krsna, so we have to be humble and eager to learn and search for those who can take us closer to Krsna now.

April 9th 2004
449. This material world is no place for a gentleman. Never be surprised at what happens in this world. Always chant and remain rightly situated. Hare Krsna!

April 10th 2004
450. This world is a perverted reflection of the spiritual world, so therefore all enjoyment in this world is perverted and will not satisfy. Only KC will satisfy.

April 11th 2004
451. The nature of the illusory material energy is that it illusions one to the extent that we think we are not in an illusion. Devotees can help us see our illusions.

April 12th 2004
452. All the soul really needs is eternal service to Krsna, for only that can and will fully satisfy the soul and nothing else. Serve Krsna don’t stay dissatisfied.

April 13th 2004
453. We are so very fortunate to be given KC, so to remain fortunate we must take complete advantage of our good fortune at all times by chanting and remembering the Lord.

April 15th 2004
454. Krsna is a person and is much more sensitive and caring than everyone together, so we must be very caring in our chanting and dealings with Him at all times.

455. In this world there is always pressure upon us. But if we accept pressure to serve Krsna and preach His glories then we will become pure. Accept KC pressure.

April 16th 2004
456. We must accept that there is no shelter in this world but the holy name and the devotees, if we do not, then we will remain in this world birth after birth. Chant.

April 17th 2004
457. The past has gone forever. The future no one knows. The present time is upon us, so be fully Krsna conscious now. That is positive and progressive. Chant now.

April 18th 2004
458. Why should we be attached to things and people in this world, which are not ours and never will be? We are the cause of our own suffering due to foolishness.

April 19th 2004
459. We have to try our best to be more consciously meaningful in our Krsna consciousness; otherwise the illusory energy will take over our consciousness again.

April 20th 2004
460. There is nothing greater than love of Krsna. We have been offered it through chanting Hare Krsna, so do not ignore or minimize the holy name or take the name cheaply.

April 22nd 2004
461. Beauty is only skin deep. Everyone is physically disgusting beneath the skin. The soul filled with devotion is so beautiful that it even attracts Krsna.

April 23rd 2004
462. We are all simply insignificant little jiva souls. We should always try to remember this and not become proud of our material achievements.

April 24th 2004
463. Nothing at all is impossible when we are serving Krsna. Krsna is unlimited and controller of everything, so we should serve with faith and determination.

April 26th 2004
464. Never be so foolish as to think that you cannot be fully Krsna conscious that would be insanity, all is possible by guru and Krsna’s mercy. Just you desire.

April 28th 2004
465. The soul is eternal so nothing temporary is going to be pleasing to it. That which is temporary only causes anxiety to the soul. Go for Krsna the eternal!

April 29th 2004
466. We have all made the wrong choice to come to this material world. But now we are being offered KC, take it and use whatever little independence we have.

April 30th 2004
467. Krsna is partial to His devotees. But we have to be His devotees. Devoted to Him in the way He desires and not the way we want or think. Hare Krsna!

May 1st 2004
468. The soul is marginal energy and has a tendency to fall into illusion, so we have to be constantly praying not to fall into Maya. Take shelter of the Holy Name.

May 4th 2004
469. We must see everything in relationship to Krsna otherwise we will falsely think that things are ours and that will lead us to misuse Krsna’s energy.

May 6th 2004
470. Krsna is always with us and we can always be with him also. We just have to chant His sweet name with love and affection. The more love the closer He comes.

May 7th 2004
471. Today is the first of the rest of this life. How long life will last we do not know but we should live as if we were going to die now. Chant always.

May 8th 2004
472. How was your chanting today? Was it better than yesterday? Each day we should try to increase the quality of our chanting and be more attentive to each name.

May 9th 2004
473. The distance between Krsna and you is the depth and intensity of your own false ego and envy. The more we chant and serve the more we close the gap.

May 12th 2004
474. By chanting Hare Krsna we can burn up the reactions to your past sins, but we have to want to give up our material desires or we may sin and suffer again.

475. If we really want to be KC, we have to want Krsna more than anything and everything else. If we want something more than Krsna we will get that.

May 23rd 2004
476. Who is there who desiring deliverance from the vices of the age of Kali (age of quarrel), who is not willing to hear the glories of the Lord. Chant!

477. Glories are the sweet holy names. More glories are those who chant those holy names. But more glorious still are those who preach the glories of the holy names throughout the universe to the fallen souls thus delivering the entire universe. Gouranga!

May 27th 2004
478. Just as the ground is the only place for those whose feet have slipped, so the holy names of Krsna are the only shelter for those who have offended Krsna.

479. If you do not love what you can see, you will never love what you cannot see. Learn to have compassion for all and see all as part and parcel of Krsna.

May 28th 2004
480. We must hate the sin and not the sinner, otherwise we will hate everyone and everyone should hate us also. Have compassion for all as suffering souls.

May 29th 2004
481. Don’t ask Krsna for anything. He has given us everything. We must now learn to offer everything we have to Him with all the love and devotion we can.

May 31st 2004
482. To control the mind is more difficult than controlling the raging wind. But it is possible by constant detachment and attentive hearing and chanting about Krsna.

June 1st 2004
483. To love Krsna means to do what Krsna wants at all times and not to do what we want or what we think we would like to do for Krsna. Love Krsna. Chant!

June 2nd 2004
484. By regular study of Srimad Bhagavatam and rendering service unto the pure devotee, all that is inauspicious within the heart becomes destroyed practically to nil.

485. The reward for service to Krsna is more service to Krsna. The soul is by eternal nature the servant, so when the soul is absorbed in actual devotional service to Krsna, then the soul is naturally blissful as that is the most natural position for the living entity. Learn to want to serve with love.

June 4th 2004
486. You can be Krsna conscious in one second, just chant Hare Krsna and hear with all attention. Then try to develop the sincere desire to maintain that consciousness.

June 5th 2004
487. When performing devotional service to Krsna we have to have the conscious desire to just please Him and nothing else, otherwise the devotion is incomplete.

488. Devotional service is joyfully performed. If we are not happy when serving Krsna it must mean that there is still envy in the heart. So serve more and chant.

June 7th 2004
489. Inattentive chanting is the cause of all problems for the aspirant devotee. We should not call for Krsna through His Name then ignore Him. Chant attentively!

June 8th 2004
490. Love is the treasure of those of the spiritual world, it comes down to those in this world who genuinely love Krsna and no others. Gouranga!

June 10th 2004
491. Pray everyday for Krsna’s shelter and the desire and intelligence to accept and recognize His shelter when it comes. Start praying with sincere desire.

492. Krsna says:
‘To those who are constantly devoted and worship me with love, I give the intelligence by which they can come to me.’
We do not have intelligence!

June 12th 2004
493. Love of Godhead is the ultimate benediction for all mankind. The Holy name alone can render all benedictions. Chant with a fixed mind.

June 13th 2004
494. For the soul, pleasing Krsna is the greatest pleasure as He is the reservoir of all pleasure, the source of all that is spiritual and all that is material.

June 14th 2004
495. Our past pious acts have helped bring us to Krsna Consciousness. We must now take full advantage of the present time and use every second to be KC.

June 15th 2004
496. With each Holy Name of the Lord we chant, we go one step closer to Him and one step closer to Love of Krsna. Chant; chant; chant. Run, run, run to Krsna.

June 16th 2004
497. Whenever there is a problem, or even if there is great happiness, we should chant with affection and loving attention, and then love of Krsna will soon be ours.

June 17th 2004
498. Be positive in your Krsna Consciousness, YOU CAN BE KC!!! We are all servants of the Lord. It is our true eternal nature to serve. SERVE, BE KC NOW!

June 18th 2004
499. Love of Krsna is the most valuable thing there is. So Krsna is therefore also the most valuable thing, so also is His Name. Keep that Name safe in your heart.

500. When you have Krsna’s holy name, you have Krsna. Then there is nothing else to attain or achieve, don’t waste time chasing material nonsense, take the name.

501. Thank you. Nice to hear from you again. I hope all is well and the family is healthy and happy. Regards to them. Gouranga be happy.

June 19th 2004
502. Patience and tolerance are needed for becoming Krsna conscious in this world. We have to learn to tolerate all things that come to us and think of Krsna.

June 20th 2004
503. When things appear to go wrong in life, we should never blame anyone for it; we should learn to accept that it is a reaction for our past misdeeds.

June 21st 2004
504. The best way to give up our material desires, is to sincerely want to give up the desires and to pray for the desire to give up desire and chant constantly.

505. Don’t try to control the mind by fighting with it that still keeps you thinking of what the mind says. Take shelter of hearing, chanting and remembering Krsna.

June 22nd 2004
506. There is no shortage of anything in the world except Krsna consciousness and people who are willing to try to be Krsna conscious. Please try seriously.

June 24th 2004
507. The only thing which is our own is our eternal loving relationship with Krsna, nothing else is ours. We should reawaken this love by chanting and serving Krsna.

June 25th 2004
508. Do we truly want to go back home to Krsna or do we really want all our material desires to be fulfilled without getting any bad reactions or suffering at all.

June 26th 2004
509. No matter whether one is happy or distressed, one should perform their service to Krsna with enthusiasm and faith. Happiness and distress are temporary. Devotional service is eternal and is our constitutional position. Be faithful and enthusiastic in the discharge of your service to your Lord.

June 27th 2004
510. Don’t try to see Krsna, but act in such a way that Krsna will be pleased to see you. Whoever you see or whomever you meet, tell them about Krsna.

June 29th 2004
511. Laziness is counted among the sinful activities. To become free from laziness is the duty of every pious person. Perform devotional service. Chant!

512. Non-enviousness is the living entities liberation, and enviousness is their bondage to material life and the material world. Give up envy; serve others.

513. If one gives up all offences in chanting, but remains inattentive when chanting, he can never develop attachment for chanting the holy names.

June 30th 2004
514. Faith is the only qualification for engaging in krsna-kirtan. There is no other consideration.

July 1st 2004
515. Surrender and subordination to the Supreme Lord are the eternal, perfect religion to living entities.

July 2nd 2004
516. The entire life of a practitioner of devotional service should be decorated with surrender.

July 3rd 2004
517. Although one can renounce almost everything, it is very difficult to renounce pratisthasa, the desire for name and fame.

July 6th 2004
518. Pure unalloyed devotional service will not be awakened in the heart if we depend on our own independent understanding. Inquire from a spiritual authority.

July 8th 2004
519. To please Krsna is the purpose of our existence. All else is illusion, lust, and therefore the cause of our suffering and bondage in this world.

520. The religious principal that’s the ultimate goal is pure love of God, the actual religious principle. Just chant and reawaken your love of God.

July 9th 2004
521. When Krsna’s sweet holy name becomes more dear to us than our own dear life, then very soon pure love for that dear Lord of our life will be ours.

July 10th 2004
522. There is no superior atonement in this world for one’s sins, than remembering Krsna and chanting His names. Chant with reverence and affection.

July 11th 2004
523. Don’t live to be loved, but live for the purpose of loving Krsna. That is the perfection of human life and will completely satisfy the self.

July 12th 2004
524. All a true devotee wants is service to Krsna and His dear devotees. Nothing else will satisfy, as the mood of hundred percent service is the nature of the soul.

July 13th 2004
525. When death comes, everything gets taken away, body and all we thought we had. Why not just give it all to Krsna now and benefit eternally. Gouranga!

July 14th 2004
526. Intelligence means to know the difference spirit and matter and the controller of both, and our position in relation to that controller. Gouranga!

July 15th 2004
527. Death is the only thing certain in life, yet it is the one thing most people do not prepare for. Start preparing for your death now. Hear, chant of Krsna.

July 17th 2004
528. If we chant with our hearts crying for Krsna, He will soon not be able to keep away from us. The crying must be real, no falseness. We must really want Him.

July 18th 2004
529. Have a nice day! How fortunate we are to be in contact with Krsna through His sweet holy name. Look after that Name it is the most valuable treasure ever.

July 19th 2004
530. What is humility? I am a servant of Krsna. I am poor and do not possess anything. Krsna is my all-in-all. This is humility. We are all simply insignificant.

July 20th 2004
531. It is our greatest fortune that we have been given Krsna’s holy names. Now it is our duty to stop worrying about us and give the Name to others who suffer.

July 21st 2004
532. Lust anger and greed, the three gates leading to hell. Curb these three great enemies of the soul by chanting with great determination and attention.

July 22nd 2004
533. The mind can be the best friend or the worst enemy. If we feel fear, then the mind is still the enemy. Take full shelter of the holy name for freedom from fear.

July 23rd 2004
534. Krsna is self-satisfied, that means He really does not need us. We need HIM. We must act in a way that is pleasing to Him, and then He will want us very soon.

July 25th 2004
535. This human form of life is such a very rare gift, we should be extremely careful to use it only as it is meant, for cultivating love of Krsna NOTHING ELSE!

July 28th 2004
536. It is out of fear of the Supreme Lord that the wind blows, that the sun is distributing heat, and that death is chasing every one; take shelter of Krsna’s name.

537. Everyone must work. Even a lion cannot sleep expecting a deer to enter his mouth. But work for Krsna’s pleasure and put an end to repeated birth and death.

July 29th 2004
538. When a snake drinks milk, it only increases its poison. Similarly, good instructions given to fools make them angry; it does not give them peace of mind.

July 30th 2004
539. Krsna’s devotees have many wonderful characteristics, including a strong inclination to perform first class service and worship of other devotees.

540. Merely reciting the eternal syllables of the holy name does not mean that one is actually chanting the holy name. Please be attentive as possible.

July 31st 2004
541. One cannot attain the Supreme or attain any form of self-realization without the spiritual strength infused by Lord Balaram. Pray for that strength.

542. Gouranga. I hope all is fine with you and the family. Please be very determined in your KC and go to Krsna. Thank you for all the service you offered, it’s very much appreciated and never forgotten. Chant and be happy. Regards to your husband and the girls. Gouranga. Best wishes.

August 1st 2004
543. All mundane knowledge is but the power of the Lord’s illusory energy (maya) and an impediment to your service in KC. Learn about Krsna!

August 2nd 2004
544. Life without knowledge is empty, and all directions are void for one without friends. Household life without a son is void, and for the poor the world is void.

August 3rd 2004
545. A man whose wife is wicked, whose friends are deceitful, and whose servants are impertinent dwells in a house full of snakes. Death is certain. Chant!

August 4th 2004
546. Some of the statements in scripture may not be pleasing to our minds or false ego, but accept and follow them because that is what is pleasing to Krsna.

August 5th 2004
547. Men who are like dogs, hogs, camels and asses praise those who never listen to the transcendental pastimes of Krsna, the deliverer from all-evil.

548. If you know anyone who would like to get the daily SMS messages, then please send their name and number and we will be pleased to send them.

August 6th 2004
549. Krsna is the MOST SPECIAL of all. But to Krsna, His devotees are the most special, so if you want to please Krsna, make His devotees the most special to you.

August 7th 2004
550. DEATH, the only thing that is completely certain in our lives, but the one thing no one makes much or any arrangement for during life. Why not?

August 8th 2004
551. Transcendental topics cannot be understood by argument or logic. But by the mercy of the Lord and Guru and devotional service performed under Their direction.

August 9th 2004
552. The holy name alone can render all benedictions. But it must be the Holy name and no thought of anything else, Krsna with no mental additives.

August 11th 2004
553. Liberation comes in the form of death to a devotee. A devotee should be prepared to face death at any moment because he takes shelter of Krsna’s name.

August 12th 2004
554. One who engages in the transcendental service of the Lord in body mind and word is to be considered liberated in all conditions of material existence.

August 13th 2004
555. By rendering devotional service unto the Personality of Godhead Sri Krsna, one immediately acquires causeless knowledge and detachment from this world. SERVE!

August 15th 2004
556. Love of Krsna is the ultimate benefit for all mankind. But we must apply ourselves sincerely to the process of learning to love Krsna if we are to benefit.

August 16th 2004
557. If even for a moment remembrance of Krsna is missed, that is the greatest loss, that is the greatest illusion and that is the greatest anomaly. Krsna, Krsna, Krsna!

August 17th 2004
558. A devotee is always expecting Krsna’s mercy. But be very eager to accept that mercy when it comes and distribute it to others. The holy name is the greatest mercy.

August 18th 2004
559. When will we be more anxious to hear about Krsna than anything else? When will the day come when we will not utter anything, which is not related to Krsna?

August 19th 2004
560. If we die tomorrow, are we an old man or woman today? So don’t think we can leave being Krsna conscious till later in life. Start now with seriousness or increase now.

August 22nd 2004
561. The material world is the place where the fallen souls practice using everything to serve Krsna’s will again, try your best at all times and go to Krsna.

August 23rd 2004
562. Krsna is the greatest lover and Gouranga teaches us how to love Krsna. Beg for Gouranga’s help and mercy, that way we will soon reach Krsna and the spiritual world.

August 24th 2004
563. In this world there is danger at every step. So take Krsna with you wherever you may go, and be safe at His Lotus Feet. Chant and take shelter please. Gouranga!

August 25th 2004
564. The only thing we have which is factually eternally our own, is our relationship with Krsna through devotional service. Develop that relationship, it’s all you have.

August 27th 2004
565. As a boat on the water is swept away by a strong wind even one of the senses on which the mind focuses can carry away one’s intelligence. Be focused on Krsna.

566. No sinner can commit so many sins that one name of Krsna cannot eradicate. Chant as much as possible and try not to perform any sinful activities. Gouranga!

August 29th 2004
567. Spiritual life is real. Srila Prabhupada has given us the lifeline of Krsna consciousness; never let it go no matter what happens to you. Hold on tight. Chant!

568. May Lord Balarama, the giver of spiritual strength, be merciful to you all today, His appearance day and give you all spiritual strength with which to be fully KC.

August 30th 2004
569. There are four enemies in family life, a father who is a debtor, a mother who is unfaithful to her husband, a wife who is very beautiful and a son who is an ignorant fool.

August 31st 2004
570. Always try each day to be a little more Krsna conscious than the day before. Even something small like a few extra mantras or a little more reading of Bhagavad-Gita.

September 1st 2004
571. Fear is in the mode of ignorance. The holy names are pure goodness. Chant and all fear and ignorance will eventually go far away. Chant with devotion and care.

September 2nd 2004
572. When we get to the end of each day, we can think, could I have been more Krsna conscious today? Then decide to do better the next day. Then we can make progress.

September 3rd 2004
573. We have to make our heart clean so that the holy name will reside there. We can do this by chanting, service and offering all respects to others. Chant nicely.

September 6th 2004
574. Krsna’s appearance today. Try to chant and glorify Him as much as possible, beg Him to appear in your heart today and never leave. Beg Him to be yours. Chant!

September 7th 2004
575. All glories to Srila Prabhupada, who gave Krsna to us all, he gave the most valuable things to the world, Krsna’s holy name and service to Him.

September 8th 2004
576. Another new day, another chance to be more Krsna conscious. Use each day as a fresh new start to being KC and now leave yesterday behind. Be progressive in KC!

September 9th 2004
577. Another new day…what can we do to go closer to Krsna today? We must make great efforts to take full advantage of each day. We never know when death will come.

September 10th 2004
578. Do not put off trying to be Krsna conscious till tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come. Do your best today and always think of Krsna, chant His name, and give all to Him.

September 11th 2004
579. We are eternal soul, so nothing can happen to us at any time or in any way. We have to learn to tolerant mental and bodily miseries and take shelter of Krsna.

September 12th 2004
580. We have to want to be KC. We have to work hard at pleasing Krsna. We cannot be fully KC if we do not have full desire or make full effort.

September 13th 2004
581. Take shelter of reading Srila Prabhupada’s books everyday; they will purify your hearts and minds. Chant Hare Krishna with sincerity wishing to please the Lord.

September 14th 2004
582. The mind can be the best friend, but to be the friend means it thinks of Krsna, His names, pastimes, etc, and how to serve Him and His devotees. Train the mind.

September 15th 2004
583. Everything in this world is temporary; nothing is ours. Being attached to the temporary just causes suffering. Be detached and happy. Connect with Krsna. Chant!

September 16th 2004
584. To achieve full Krsna consciousness, we must be intensely greedy for it. We must desire only to please guru and Krsna in everything we do and say, nothing else.

September 18th 2004
585. We must be very careful of being proud. A devotee is not proud but is humble, a humble servant of the devotees, guru and Krsna. Minimize pride by serving others.

September 19th 2004
586. We should try to always make sure that we are chanting with the motive that we are begging for service to Krsna and devotees and no other motive. We’re servants.

September 20th 2004
587. Associate with Srila Prabhupada by reading his books and distributing them. Associate with Krsna through chanting His holy names and hearing about Him.

September 21st 2004
588. Today is Radharani’s appearance day. We must pray for Her sweet mercy so that She will accept our service and chanting and offer it to Krsna, then He’ll accept!

September 22nd 2004
589. Try to help and encourage others in KC as much as possible, it is not so easy to be a devotee in this age of quarrel and negativity. Be inspiring to others please.

September 25th 2004
590. Without absolute faith in the Lord’s holy name, one’s mundane mentality can never be cast off. Pray to develop faith and chant with attention at all times.

September 26th 2004
591. There is no limit to Krsna, his potency and mercy. So there is also no limit whatsoever to the potency and mercy of Krsna’s holy name. They are the same.

September 27th 2004
592. Srimati Radharani is the source of spiritual inspiration. Pray to Her with great care and respect to be inspired to serve and chant with a true devotional mood.

September 28th 2004
593. Devotees are few in this world; we should respect, serve and look after with great care the ones we have at all times. They are priceless jewels of Krsna.

September 29th 2004
594. The hardest regulative principle to follow is ‘no gambling’. Forgetting Krsna for a moment is gambling that we are not going to die at that time. Chant now!

September 30th 2004
595. Krsna is our dear most friend, we should try to accept and understand this absolute fact, otherwise, how will we ever want to surrender fully unto Him?

October 1st 2004
596. Prabhupada has given us everything; he has given us Radha Krsna. Hare is Radha and Krsna is Krsna. The maha-mantra contains the spiritual world. It’s yours!

October 2nd 2004
597. Everything we do is seen and recorded and a reaction is awarded accordingly. Please be careful and act in a way that is pleasing to Krsna, then no more reactions soon.
October 4th 2004
598. Pure unalloyed devotional service will not be awakened in the heart if we depend on our own independent understanding. Inquire from guru and the vaisnava.

October 5th 2004
599. Ignore the mind, just hear about and chant Krsna’s glories, then in due time the mind will be controlled. Fighting with the mind makes us the loser.

600. Envy contradicts love. Wherever there is envy, there is no question of love, and wherever there is love, there is no question of envy. Serve be free from envy.

October 6th 2004
601. Meditation is the function of the mind. Until the mind is purified and spiritualized, meditation can never become spiritual. Hear and chant, purify the mind.

October 7th 2004
602. Laziness is counted among the sinful activities. To become free from laziness is the duty of every pious person. Serve Krsna and devotees with determination.

October 10th 2004
603. The endeavor to attain fame is the most abominable endeavor. Although it’s abominable few people can avoid it. Please try to be a humble servant.

604. Pray for attachment to the Lord, His service and His devotees. Desire nothing else and very soon your human life will be the greatest success. Best wishes. Pray!

October 12th 2004
605. What is humility? I am a servant of Krsna. I am poor and do not possess anything. Krsna is my all-in-all. This is humility. Chant in this mood and please Krsna.

October 13th 2004
606. We have to act in a way that is pleasing to Krsna even if it is not all pleasing to us. That is learning to love Krsna. His pleasure comes before ours.

October 14th 2004
607. Intelligence means to know the difference between spirit and matter and the controller of both, and your position in relation to that controller, servant.

October 15th 2004
608. There is no real truth without Krsna or Krsna consciousness. There can be no truth without the Absolute Truth, Krsna. Put Krsna in the center of your life.

October 17th 2004
609. When chanting we do not have to do anything except hear the name. Just be with Krsna in the form of His name and chant to please Him for His sake and no other.

610. Affection applied only to the material body is nothing but cheating, and is therefore a great impediment to advancing in spiritual life. Gouranga be happy!

October 18th 2004
611. We must always remember that devotional service to the Lord is the eternal nature of the soul, and that all else is simply a disturbance and therefore illusory.

October 19th 2004
612. We have to learn to act and speak to please Krsna 24 hours everyday. So we must start practicing with great sincerity right away and try not to waste a second.

October 21st 2004
613. Krsna is unlimited. There is so much to learn about Him. If we want to be KC we have to know Krsna, we have to be humble to learn about Him. Pride is useless!

614. Pride, arrogance, conceit, anger, harshness and ignorance are qualities belonging to those of demoniac nature. Chant, serve and hear about Krsna. Develop good qualities.

October 24th 2004
615. Surrendering everything to Krsna only means giving, offering him, that which is already his. Everything is His and nothing is ours. We come into this world with zero.

616. There is nothing we have that is of any worth to Krsna except our love and devotion. He wants our love and devotion, He has absolutely everything else. All is His.

617. There has never been a more urgent time in our existence for Krsna consciousness than right now and there will never be a more urgent time than NOW! NOW! NOW!

October 26th 2004
618. We must love God for God’s sake and no other, otherwise we are trying to love with some self-motivated interest and that is not pure love. Love is all we need.

October 28th 2004
619. To love Krsna is to want to please Him and nothing else. We must do only what Krsna wants, no more no less and with full energy and complete enthusiasm always.

October 29th 2004
620. Love living for the sake of serving Krsna and live only for the sake of loving Krsna, then your life will be a success. Chant at all times. Gouranga!

October 31st 2004
621. Realizing we are not the body also means realizing that all others are not the body and respecting all living beings as spirit souls, a part and parcel of Krsna.

622. Krsna is perfect. If we have rejected Krsna in any way, then how can there be perfection in any way after that. No perfection, no happiness. No Krsna, no fun.

November 2nd 2004
623. There can be no true peace for one who is not in constant devotional service to Krsna. Service to Krsna is the soul’s eternal nature and function. Serve!

November 3rd 2004
624. Do not live to die or just for the body but live for eternal life in service to Krsna and His dear devotees. That is real; all else is death and misery.

November 4th 2004
625. All knowledge is useless or even harmful if it is not in connection to Krsna or His service. It will lead one into ignorance and therefore suffering. Gouranga!

November 5th 2004
626. Beg, borrow or steal the nectar of the holy name, but somehow in this life get that nectar, it is the highest attainment that there is in all existence. Gouranga!

November 6th 2004
627. The mind can be the best friend or the worst enemy. Train the mind to be the best friend by chanting the maha mantra otherwise you are living with a great enemy.

November 7th 2004
628. How much more will we have to suffer? How many more births will we have to take before we finally decide to fully surrender at Krsna’s lotus feet?

November 8th 2004
629. If Krsna were to forget us then we would not exist. So it would be very nice if we were not to forget Him. Chant His name; remember Him always. Gouranga!

November 9th 2004
630. Surrender means to have complete faith that Krsna will give us protection. Chant and take shelter of the holy name, which is one and the same as Krsna. Surrender!

November 10th 2004
631. We should not be thinking of what could we do for Krsna, but what we should do to please Krsna. We are servants we must serve otherwise we may think we are master.

November 12th 2004
632. The past has gone forever never to return. Act in Krsna consciousness NOW and go forward at all times, and then you know the future will be the best. Hare Krsna!

November 13th 2004
633. In the material world, conceptions of good and bad are all mental speculations. Therefore saying this is good and this bad, is all a mistake.

November 14th 2004
634. Lord Krsna alone is the supreme controller, and all others are His servants. They dance as He makes them do so. Serve the Lord as we are eternally designed for.

November 15th 2004
635. Srila Prabhupada has given us everything, the holy names, his books, prasad, devotional service, the association of devotees, wonderful deities and Vrndavan.

November 16th 2004
636. Be good to yourself and accept Krsna’s mercy in the form of the holy name, association of devotees and the scriptures. Otherwise you are your own worst enemy.

November 17th 2004
637. There is no shortage of anything in the world except for Krsna consciousness. Be one of the few to not be short of KC. Make a determined effort from now on.

November 21st 2004
638. Do not try to be anything in spiritual life. Just perform devotional service as directed by Prabhupada and let Krsna reveal what you are and who you are. Chant!

November 22nd 2004
639. We must learn to be tolerant in this world of dualities and adversities and just try our best to focus on Krsna at all times no matter what.

November 23rd 2004
640. There is nothing that is material that is eternal, therefore nothing in this world is certain, only suffering and death. Material life IS uncertainty. Be KC.

November 24th 2004
641. Make sure when you are chanting that you are being conscious that you are with the Lord and He will be with you the more attentive to the holy name you are.

November 25th 2004
642. Try to always see the good in others and encourage that good, then we will become enthusiastic and encouraged ourselves. Encourage KC in everyone you meet.

November 27th 2004
643. Pray to be sincere and free from illusion. Prayer is petitioning the Lord for His mercy and help. Take to prayer. NOW.

November 28th 2004
644. Krsna is the personification of all perfection in unlimitedness. He and his name are the same. You have Krsna in name form.

November 29th 2004
645. Do not ever limit what Krsna can do for you, and also try hard not to limit what you are willing to do for Krsna.

November 30th 2004
646. There is nothing that is not belonging to Krsna. So we are all thieves, just return everything to Krsna. Then thief becomes lover.

December 2nd 2004
647. What is there that cannot be done if Krsna wants? Everything is possible if we take shelter of Krsna. Chant!

December 4th 2004
648. We are all insignificant servants; we should not try to be anything else that will only cause us trouble.

December 5th 2004
649. Love is not a cheap thing. Loving Krsna means serving in a way that is pleasing to Him no matter how we think or feel.

650. Beg, borrow or steal the nectar of the holy name, but get it. Chant, chant, and chant with everything you have.

December 6th 2004
651. Krsna is no poor man. He does not need anything. He is self-satisfied. We are the ones who need Him. Chant. He’s yours.

December 7th 2004
652. Put full faith in the name, otherwise you will never get the real fruit of the name, love for Krsna.

December 9th 2004
653. We should learn to love and serve others and not just expect others to serve and pay attention to us. Serve Krsna and His devotees with affection. Gouranga!
December 10th 2004
654. Duration of life is measured in breaths. Be very careful to use every breath in the Lord’s service by chanting His holy name and don’t waste a single breath.

December 11th 2004
655. No matter what hell or delights we may experience in life, we should at all times chant the holy names. All in this world is temporary; the holy name is eternal.

December 14th 2004
656. Do we want to be devotees of Krsna or do we just want to be seen as devotees. Try to do what is pleasing to Krsna even if it does not feel pleasing to us.

December 15th 2004
657. Krsna consciousness is our original consciousness; we just have to revive that consciousness by chanting and service to guru and Krsna. Start right away.

658. We are the most fortunate souls in the material creation. We have been given the holy name and Srimad Bhagavatam. We just have to stay fortunate, read and chant.

December 17th 2004
659. Pray with all your heart to lord Nityananda for His mercy, for by His mercy all material desires will very soon go far away and love of Krsna will be yours, Nitai!

660. Forgetting Krsna for even a second is the most dangerous thing we can do. There is danger in this world at every step. Take shelter of Krsna. Chant constantly.

December 18th 2004
661. The whole world is suffering due to forgetfulness of Krsna. Put an end to your suffering and that of others. Preach the glories of the holy name to everyone.

December 19th 2004
662. There is no better time to be Krsna conscious than right now, this very minute, don’t wait! One who hesitates becomes lost, lost to themselves and life’s purpose.

December 21st 2004
663. Serving is much sweeter than being served. This is by nature servant and serving Krsna and His devotees is the greatest, sweetest and most satisfying service.

December 22nd 2004
664. Every new day is another great opportunity to make progress in KC. Try to think or chant more about Krsna today than yesterday, that’s positive advancement.

December 23rd 2004
665. We must pray to Bhakti-devi for Her mercy so that we can develop affection for hearing the Lord’s holy names and sweet pastimes and an enthusiasm for service.

December 24th 2004
666. Christmas, a big, big illusion. Be careful it contaminates the mind and consciousness. Hold on to Krsna very tightly during this time of year. Chant seriously.

December 25th 2004
667. All a devotee wants from Guru and Krsna is to be engaged in service to Them and the devotees. This is the real mercy. We must serve to please them only, not us.

December 26th 2004
668. Krsna is the only true reality. If something is not in relation to Krsna, then it is Maya or illusion and is of no benefit to the living beings. Hare Krsna.

December 27th 2004
669. Happiness and distress is both temporary and are evaluated by the mind. We are all spirit not mind. The maha-mantra will control the mind when chanted without offense.

December 28th 2004
670. Our body and mind are material elements, which are the Lord’s energy. So they should be used for the pleasure of the one they belong to and for no other use.

December 29th 2004
671. Yesterday has gone. Today will also soon be gone. Life is passing so fast. Be KC as much as you can right now before all has gone and death is yours. Chant always

December 30th 2004
672. Offer everything to Krsna and benefit eternally. You can’t take anything with you when you leave this body. Use all you have in Krsna’s service now, don’t wait!

December 31st 2004
673. Nothing is good in this material world. There is constant hankering and lamenting, happiness and distress. Be Krsna conscious, get out of here, go back home.

January 2nd 2005
674. Before we ever buy anything for ourselves at any time, it would be nice to think of getting something to offer to Krsna first. First Krsna then us. Gouranga!

January 3rd 2005
675. What ever happens to us in this material world, no matter how bad or hellish it seems it seems to be, we should always chant the holy name, no matter how bad it gets, chant!

January 4th 2005
676. Try to live to be Krsna conscious and to help others to be KC, not live to be comfortable and loved by others. Human life is meant for sacrifice. Chant; preach.

January 6th 2005
677. If we can all give the Holy name to an extra three souls we meet each day for the next ten days, thousands more souls will be n the way to Krsna. Please try this!

January 7th 2005
678. If we are not sure what to do in spiritual life, we must immediately approach a spiritual authority and enquire submissively, don’t wait. Maya is very tricky.

January 8th 2005
679. Don’t think that we will be able to think of Krsna at the time of death if we have not fully given ourselves to Him in our daily lives. No that is illusion! Chant!
January 11th 2005
680. Devotion is not a matter of achievement of any material standard or perfection but dependent on whether one pleases guru and Krsna.

January 13th 2005
681. The Lord is all-merciful so we should always remember that He is our dear most friend so we should never fear Him but should surrender to Him with open fearless devoted hearts.

January 14th 2005
682. The nature of the illusory energy is to cover the living entities so that they cannot see the truth. We need the help of one who can see, -guru.

January 16th 2005
683. Give everything to Krsna, everything is factually His and always was ad eternally will be. Nothing is ours to offer to Him, but He accepts whatever offers as our offering.

January 18th 2005
684. Forgetfulness of Krsna is the cause of all suffering anxiety and fear in life. Chant and don’t forget Krsna.

January 19th 2005
685. Acquaintances are many but friends are very few. Krsna is our dear most friend; take shelter of Him. Chant; be with Him.

January 20th 2005
686. Be greedy, get, as much KC now, you never know what tomorrow will bring. Now is the best time for KC. No better time!

January 21st 2005
687. Krsna is the supreme person. So we must learn to be very personal and caring when chanting and performing service and not ignore or minimize Krsna in any way at anytime at all.

January 22nd 2005
688. The illusory energy never gives a second chance; the laws of nature are so stringent. Only Krsna is merciful.

January 25th 2005
689. There is always disturbance in this material world, learn to tolerate it and don’t expect that it will go away just because you are chanting or you are trying to be KC. Keep chanting and serving with devotion and get out of this world.
690. We all need spiritual shelter in this material world, but we have to be willing and eager to take it completely. Chant now

January 26th 2005
691. Krsna consciousness is our original consciousness. To accept anything else is illusion and will cause suffering.

January 27th 2005
692. Krsna consciousness is the only natural thing there is, all else is unnatural and therein in opposition to the souls external wellbeing.

January 28th 2005
693. We cannot manufacture our own way to be Krsna conscious. The process has been laid down, we must just follow strictly.

January 29th 2005
694. The distance between us and Krsna is the extent of our false ego. We are all eternal servants of the lord. We must act fully and completely in that capacity in order to extinguish the false ego.

January 30th 2005
695. Give, give, give. Why do we always want to take, Krsna consciousness is all about giving, giving ourselves in service to Krsna and devotees.

January 31st 2005
696. The holy name, devotional service and the association of devotees are the most valuable things. Look after them with your very life.

February 2nd 2005
697. We are all servant by eternal nature, we will never be satisfied trying to be the boss. Only complete absorption in service will satisfy.

698. Religion without philosophy is sentimentality or fanaticism, and philosophy without religion is mental speculation.

February 3rd 2005
699. We have to learn to be tolerant and patient and not hankering for relief from misery or becoming upset when things don’t go the way we want.

February 4th 2005
700. Chant with great purpose and meaningfulness, you are with the Lord, the topmost of all living beings. The absolute Godhead Himself.

February 5th 2005
701. The greatest reward a devotee can be given for serving, is to be given more service for guru and Krsna. Servant has no meaning without service.

February 7th 2005
702. Serve, serve, and serve. Don’t just want, want, and want. Love, love, and love, not lust, lust and lust. Krsna, Krsna, Krsna, not me, me, me. Love, serve Krsna.

703. Love and devotion, love and devotion, love and devotion, not lust and commotion, lust and commotion, lust and commotion. Be conscious of what you do, Gouranga!

February 9th 2005
704. Gouranga. Take shelter of Gouranga. He is mercy personified. He does not see the wrong we do, only the good. We need His loving mercy.

February 10th 2005
705. We have to desire to love Krsna more than everything or anything otherwise it will not be loving Krsna. Any attachment or attraction to other things means that we do not have full love for Krsna, incomplete love is not love.

February 11th 2005
706. Keep adding more and more Krsna to your life, even just little bits increases our spiritual bank balance and helps free us from Maya.

February 12th 2005
707. Glorify the Lord with everything you have and everything there is. Everything is His and nothing belongs to anyone. Offer thoughts words and deeds to Krsna.

February 15th 2005
708. Freedom is when you are Krsna conscious, and then you are free to choose Maya or Krsna. When in Maya you can only choose kind of Maya or another, it’s that limited.

709. Loving Krsna is no cheap thing; full surrender is the only price to begin to purchase that priceless love. We are all originally lovers of Krsna.

February 18th 2005
710. When you live to love Krsna, you will love to live just for Krsna, everyday will be full of happiness and spiritual excitement.

711. Attention to detail in devotional service is a sign that love is developing. Be careful or full of care when serving devotees and Krsna.

February 19th 2005
712. We all have access in the spiritual world and to all the loving pastimes going on there. We have the maha-mantra; everything is there within the mantra. Chant!

February 21st 2005
713. Don’t live to make a good impression on others. Take shelter of Lord Nityananda and tell everyone you meet about Krsna and Gouranga.

February 22nd 2005
714. Our egos resist owning characteristics that would make us give up blaming someone else for the condition of our life. You carved your destiny by your desires.

February 24th 2005
715. We should learn to accept service to Krsna as our eternal loving relationship with our Lord and the most valuable thing we have. It’s what we are.

February 26th 2005
716. No matter how bad life appears to get, just put Krsna back in the centre each time. It is not easy to be a devotee in the world of illusion.

February 27th 2005
717. If our mood is one of always taking and not giving, then how will we ever learn to see with love and affection? Serve others with willingness.

718. Love of Krsna is not a cheap thing. Work and give yourself body mind and soul in Krsna’s service, then love will come. Hare Krsna!

February 28th 2005
719. Pleasing Krsna has to be our only goal in life if we truly desire to attain pure love of Krsna. Anything less will not bring about pure love.

March 1st 2005
720. Offer all respect to other living entities of every kind not expecting anything in return. Not easy to do, but that is humility and seeing all as part of Krsna.

March 3rd 2005
721. We have to be Krsna conscious now, no matter how good or how bad yesterday or the past was. Now is the best and only time to be KC.

722. Push forward today and be as Krsna conscious as you can. Make this a very positive day and do everything you can to be KC.

March 5th 2005
723. Beg Lord Nityananda for His mercy so that we can become free from all material desires and affection for Maya, Gouranga. Nitai Ki Jai!

724. What can we offer Krsna that is of any use to Him? He just wants our devotion and nothing else. Are we truly trying to serve and chant with real devotion?

March 7th 2005
725. We may go through apparent difficulties due to previous material desires coming up in the heart, but this is only us being given choice. We get the opportunity to choose between sense gratification and Krsna. When we choose Krsna we are showing our love for Him. There has to be choice otherwise there is no love, there is just force.

March 8th 2005
726. Krsna consciousness is natural for the soul. It is being in the material world that is unnatural as all things are temporary, but the soul is eternal.

March 9th 2005
727. We have not one thing in this world which belongs to us, and we will never ever have anything which belongs to us. Why try so hard for anything except love of Krsna at least that is the only thing that can be ours and ours eternally. Use all energy and time to develop Krsna consciousness. All else is just a waste of life.

March 11th 2005
728. We are all the most fortunate of beings to be in contact with devotional service, the holy names, Srila Prabhupada and the devotees. We must take full advantage of that greatest of all good fortunes, otherwise it would surely be foolish and a waste of the most valuable human form of life. Gouranga!
March 12th 2005
729. Not even a blade of grass moves without Krsna’s consent. He is aware of everything, nothing is hidden from Him. Act and speak to please Him that will be perfect.

March 13th 2005
730. When chanting we don’t have to think anything, we should just give all attention and energy to absorbing completely in the pure sound of the holy name. HEAR!!!

March 14th 2005
731. I often think. How must it be for Krsna, so many souls have rejected Him and He loves them so much? We feel so bad when we are rejected. Don’t reject Krsna again!

March 15th 2005
732. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. It may also be the last day. So be as Krsna conscious as possible, we never know when this life will end. Chant!

March 16th 2005
733. Don’t let negativity be your guru. Every little thing done and every holy name chanted in Krsna consciousness is positive, negativity is maya. Be positive, chant!

March 17th 2005
734. Beg for a taste for chanting the holy names. All else is dry and will be a source of anxiety and suffering. The holy name ALONE can render all benedictions, chant!

March 18th 2005
735. Speculation is useless and has nothing to do with the absolute truth. So as devotees we have nothing to do with that which is related to the absolute truth.

March 19th 2005
736. Take a break from the pleasure of day to day life, just take a day or two to just chant and read Prabhupada’s books and get in touch with yourself. Go for it!

March 20th 2005
737. Desire for sense gratification is what keeps as apart from Krsna. The more we give up and desire the closer we can go to Krsna. We will be able to give up such desires when we serve Krsna and His devotees with determination to please them. Serve nicely it is natural for the soul. Gouranga be happy.

March 21st 2005
738. The soul is eternal; nothing can happen to or change the soul. All changes we experience are material and temporary. Act for an eternal well-being. Serve Krsna. Chant!

March 22nd 2005
739. There is no safe place in the material creation. Everything must fade and die all is temporary. Do not depend on any material situation, just take shelter of Krsna.

March 23rd 2005
740. Live a simple life only accepting that which comes easily and offer everything to the Lord as He has given it to you, chant His holy name without offense, live in holy places and associate with those who are attached to hearing and chanting the glories of the all-perfect sweet Personality of Godhead. Very soon you will attain the highest gift of pure love for Krsna and His dear devotees. Best wishes in your attempts. Gouranga!

March 25th 2005
741. Be very careful in this world of illusion, there is danger at every step of the way. Keep ourselves simple by chanting, reading, serving and patiently waiting for the Lord’s mercy in the form of pure love to come to you. We cannot force love to come; it will come when we have matured in service and acceptance of being the insignificant servant. The Lord will come when He decides. He is completely independent. Chant and serve and be quietly patient awaiting.

March 26th 2005
742. We have created our present and future due to our past desires and deeds, so we should never blame others for what happens to us. Be KC and the future will be good.

March 28th 2005
743. We should never take Krsna consciousness cheaply. Be very careful to be very respectful in our dealings with all aspects of devotional life. Krsna’s not cheap!

March 29th 2005
744. The greatest treasure we have is the Holy name. to lose enthusiasm for chanting the holy name is the worst thing that can ever happen to the living entity. Chant!

March 30th 2005
745. Ignorance is the cause of sinful activity. Sinful activity is the cause of suffering. We must learn what is to be done and what is not to be done. Study Prabhupada’s books regularly and pray to understand them clearly and to be able to act upon that knowledge. Chant with reverence and affection also. Gouranga!

March 31st 2005
746. The more you give Krsna consciousness to others, the more Krsna conscious you will become. Whoever you see, whoever you meet, tell them about Krsna. Gouranga!

April 2nd 2005
747. Pleasing Krsna is the only real purpose and pleasure of the soul, all else is illusion and serves to condition and entangle the soul in the illusory energy.

April 3rd 2005
748. We have to work on accepting that serving Krsna is our eternal nature and that and only that will actually make us satisfied. We have to constantly work on building this consciousness and desiring so much to be in that consciousness otherwise it may ever happen. No eternal satisfaction without eternal service. Serve, serve, and serve with determination and enthusiasm. Be completely determined to show the Lord of your existence, how much you care for Him and what He wants.

ii) We can all do it; we are all eternal souls part and parcel of that Great soul Krsna. Go for it jiva show your Lord you care by serving with great willingness and enthusiasm.

April 4th 2005
749. Not even a blade of grass can move without the Lord’s consent. He is the Supreme controller and is fulfilling the desires of the living entities. We are desiring!

April 6th 2005
750. Be determined, practice being willing to serve, chant, read and hear about the Lord and His pastimes. Want to eagerly serve and associate with devotees also.

751. We are the most very fortunate; we must try to appreciate that fully. We have been given Krsna, the Supreme Lord is yours. Look after Him. Chant Him with love!

April 7th 2005
752. Control of the mind is only possible by use of spiritual intelligence, which means taking shelter of the lord through the chanting of his sweet holy names. Chant!

April 9th 2005
753. Live to perfect your chanting of the Holy Names. Try to make everything you do towards achieving the goal of loving and serving the Holy Names of your dear Lord.

April 11th 2005
754. We must learn to die for Krsna before we can serve Krsna eternally in the spiritually world. Everyone wants to go to Krsna, but no-one wants to die. Live to die for Krsna and all success will soon be yours. Chant and serve with absorption. Best wishes. Gouranga my Friends. Be happy!

April 13th 2005
755. Give yourself the best present you could ever give yourself. Chant an extra round of japa with attention and get much closer to Krsna. He’s the very best.

April 14th 2005
756. We have to leave everything behind in this world at the time of death, only our Krsna consciousness can stay with us eternally. Work hard on your KC, go to Krsna!

April 16th 2005
757. Always try to give yourself good quality time everyday to chant with attention, without interruptions from anything. Be with your Lord. That is the most important association you have. Try to make time to associate with advanced souls and offer them service.

April 17th 2005
758. If we are going to love Krsna, firstly we have to really want Him. If we want to really want Him, we can practice calling for Him through His holy names. Chant!

April 18th 2005
759. Chant at all times no matter where you may be. We should never think that we are safe in this material world at any time.

April 20th 2005
760. Every minute, every hour, every day is a new and greater opportunity to be more Krsna conscious. Take that opportunity and go forward, don’t look back its gone.

April 21st 2005
761. In this world there is constant change, but we should try our best to make sure that no matter what happens we take shelter of chanting the holy name and always continue to try to be Krsna conscious and never at any time give up our Krsna consciousness no matter what happens to us. March on jiva to Krsna!

April 22nd 2005
762. God gives sunlight to both the evil and the good and pours rain on the just and the unjust too. If you love only those who love you, what good is that? Preach!

April 24th 2005
763. Pray. Pray. Pray with all sincerity to take your Krsna consciousness with complete seriousness as if it were more important than your own life. Than chant with luv!

April 26th 2005
764. Love does not mean we get what we want; it means we serve the beloved in the way that is most pleasing to them no matter what it takes from us. Serve your Lord!

April 27th 2005
765. The best and only quick remedy and cure for all material problems, is the attentive chanting of the holy names of the Lord. The holy names remove all sins and the attraction to performing sinful acts which is the cause of all our material suffering. Chant with attention and willingness.

April 28th 2005
766. For the soul there is never birth nor death nor having once been does it ever cease to be. So only worry or be distressed about whatever happens in this temporary world, of temporary happenings. Absorb in acts that are of the soul, devotional service and let good and bad come and go. They are temporary!

April 29th 2005
767. Every moment is precious, we will never live it ever again, it is gone for eternity. We must try to live every moment for Krsna and let go of the past. Be KC now!

May 1st 2005
768. The only actual success in this world is being Krsna conscious. All else is just various degrees of failure and will bring us back to this material world.

May 2nd 2005
769. You are what you eat. We have to be careful what we eat as it has a great effect on our consciousness and therefore the mind. Only eat that which is offered to Krsna with love and devotion and is of the content that it is offerable to Krsna. Love and devotion in offering and cooking is the key to good Krsna consciousness. Eat Krsna prasadam and become a product of Krsna’s mercy. Gouranga!

May 4th 2005
770. The best present you can give anyone, is the holy name, Srimad Bhagavatam, the association of advanced souls and maha prasada from Krsna’s plate. Gouranga!

771. We must always remember that Krsna wants our love and devotion. He is not in need of anything, everything IS His. Love and devotion not lust and commotion.

May 5th 2005
772. When we chant the holy name, we must practice chanting in a very meaningful way, trying with our hearts to call out to Krsna and really want Him so much.

May 6th 2005
773. There is no better time than right now to make as fresh, a positive push forward in our Krsna consciousness. The smallest increase is still a positive increase.

May 7th 2005
774. Give yourself a big boost in life today. Chant a few extra rounds of Hare Krsna japa and read a chapter of Bhagavad-Gita and give someone the holy name.

May 8th 2005
775. Pray each day to Guru and Lord Nityananda to give us protection, direction, strength and determination in our attempts at spiritual life. Take shelter of Them!

May 9th 2005
776. No material qualifications or wealth are at all needed for being Krsna conscious, only a sincere humble mood of devotion and surrender to guru and Krsna are needed.

May 10th 2005
777. Pleasing Krsna means doing what He wants, not doing something we want and then offering it to Him, although that is better than not thinking of Him at all.

May 12th 2005
778. Always pray for the mercy of the devotees of the Lord and serve them with love and affection whenever you can, that will please the Lord who loves His devotees.

May 13th 2005
779. Chanting the holy names is the only way to be free from illusion, sinful reactions etc, etc. We must chant with the mood of a child calling for mother, helplessly.

780. Take Lord Chaitanya into your heart. He is the most merciful incarnation. He never sees our faults only the good we do. Pray to Him with deep meaningfulness. Chant!

May 14th 2005
781. There is no wonder greater than Krsna. There is no one more loving than Krsna. There is no one more friendly than Krsna. Krsna is perfect in every way. Gouranga!

782. Krsna loves us all as complete individuals and we all have a complete and different relationship with Krsna from each other, the Lord made it that way. We must learn to value each other and all our differences as being something the Lord designed and not try to get everyone to be the same, that’s impersonal.
783. Service to the Lord is completely unlimited, so there is service and a place for us all in the spiritual realm no matter who we are. Just want to go there!

May 15th 2005
784. What do we have or have we had which does not come from Krsna? Nothing at all! So we can see all things we have and get as coming from Krsna and in that way we can very easily become Krsna conscious, just by remembering where everything we have and have had is coming from and being thankful to Krsna for it.

May 16th 2005
785. Beg for the mercy of the Lord and the vaisnava devotees. Pray to Bhakti devi for devotion and determination to always serve Krsna and the devotees. Gouranga!

May 17th 2005
786. Never give up your Krsna consciousness no matter what happens in life, just keep chanting and doing the best you can and just get to the end somehow or another.

May 18th 2005
787. There is danger in this world at every step, so we should take shelter of Krsna at all times, in all circumstances and in all ways that is the only safety.

May 19th 2005
788. We have the Holy Name, therefore we have Krsna Himself. Take great care of That darling little cowherd boy, millions of other great devotees want Him badly.

May 20th 2005
789. Today is the greatest day for being Krsna conscious. We can try to make it better than yesterday. But we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Be KC today. Try hard!

May 21st 2005
790. We don’t have to try to be anything in KC, just simple servants that are happy to hear and chant about Krsna and then our eternal identity will soon be known.

May 22nd 2005
791. Nothing and nobody is ours in this world. So why be so attached to anything or anyone, it only causes us anxiety, fear etc. Become attached to Krsna. He is yours!

May 23rd 2005
792. Faults are easy to find, this the age of Kali, everyone is full of faults. But let us try to see the good in everyone, that’s Gouranga’s mood. Adopt that mood be KC.

May 24th 2005
793. When o when will that day be mine, when offenses ceasing taste for the name increasing, when in my heart will your mercy shine. Lord, when will that day be mine?

May 25th 2005
794. At the end of each day we should prepare our consciousness by reading about Krsna and praying to Him, so that we may wake in good consciousness the next day.

May 26th 2005
795. This material world is no place for a gentleman. The material world is a place full of sinful, lusty, envious, and dangerous living beings. Get out quick. Gouranga!

May 27th 2005
796. We must make constant determined efforts to control the mind. It will not just think of Krsna and spiritual matters automatically. We must be very determined.

May 28th 2005
797. Ignorance is the cause of bondage and attachment to this material world. Knowledge is the cause of our liberation from this material world. Transcendental wisdom!

May 29th 2005
798. We should live everyday as if it were the last day of our life. We should do everything to be Krsna conscious and with great urgency and attention. Gouranga!

May 30th 2005
799. The only problems we have in life are the one’s we created for ourselves by our past activities. So we should accept responsibility for our action and not at any time blame others in any way, then we can begin to make sure the future will be good. Always chant the holy name in all circumstances. Gouranga!

June 1st 2005
800. Prabhupada said you are what you eat so we must be very careful what we eat and who we accept foodstuff from as it will have a big effect on our consciousness.

June 2nd 2005
801. Whatever little thing we do in Krsna consciousness is a plus. But big things are also a big plus. Just make everything a plus and life will be KC. Chant it’s a PLUS!

June 4th 2005
802. We are not the controllers of anything in this world, we have to learn to accept that Krsna is the supreme controller and we have faith that He will do what is the very best for us if we just surrender to Him and not try to be little controllers of everything around us. Hare Krsna!

June 6th 2005
803. Even if we were not Krsna conscious in the past, never worry about that. The important thing is to be KC NOW!!! Don’t live in the past or you will live now and in the future just like you did in the past. In illusion!!! Be KC now and from now on, that is positive and progressive. Think of Krsna NOW!!! Be positive!

June 8th 2005
804. Serving is higher than being served. Because it is natural for us to serve, when we are served there is danger of us becoming proud and forgetting Krsna. SERVE!!!

June 9th 2005
805. We should recite and hear Srimad-Bhagavatam regularly, it is the only scripture needed for those wishing to attain love of Krsna. Read SB everyday to attain love of Krsna. Read SB everyday with attention.

June 10th 2005
806. We must take shelter of hearing and chanting about the wonderful pastimes of the Lord that will greatly help in controlling the restless mind. Recite and hear!!

June 11th 2005
807. We have only a certain amount of breaths we are allocated in this life. So please use each of the breaths we are located in this life. So please use each one to your eternal ultimate well-being by chanting and talking of Krsna.

June 12th 2005
808. We have to accept that everything is happening to us due to our past activities and not look for excuses for what is happening to us in life. Chant be happy!

June 13th 2005
809. Whatever we don’t give to Krsna now, we will have to give in the future if we want to go home to Godhead. Best we try to make steady progress from now. Gouranga!

June 14th 2005
810. Be the servant of Krsna and His devotees in the way that they would like you to serve and not in the way that you want to serve. That’s a real servant. Gouranga!

June 15th 2005
811. Always be respectful to all others; try at all times to remember that every living entity is part and parcel of Krsna, not just you or those people you like.

June 16th 2005
812. Be as attentive as possible when chanting. Krsna is with you in the form of the holy name, so do not ignore Him or He may go away. Hare Krsna.

June 17th 2005
813. Krsna loves us so much. He never forgets anything that we do or have done to please Him. Keep trying to please Him and soon you will meet Him. Gouranga!

June 18th 2005
814. Always take shelter of the holy names either by chanting aloud or by constantly thinking and chant in heart and mind. Gouranga my friends be happy.

June 19th 2005
815. In all our dealings we should always keep Krsna fixed firmly in our hearts no matter what happens. So many things will come and go, but keep Krsna, He’s eternal

June 21st 2005
816. In this world everything is temporary. We should not try to gain pleasure from these temporary things; this will be the cause of our anxiety in life. Gouranga!

June 22nd 2005
817. When you give yourself to Krsna, you give everything and you don’t hold back or keep what you want. You give everything. Easier to say than do, but practice, Hare Krsna!

June 24th 2005
818. The mind is more difficult to control than the raging wind. But it is certainly possible by constant practice and determination. We have to want to control it.

June 25th 2005
819. We are not the body or mind but eternal soul. So whatever is happening in life either good or bad, never has any effect on the soul. We should always remember this.

June 26th 2005
820. Give yourself to chanting the holy names and don’t be distracted when you are chanting. There is nothing more important than Krsna. He and His name are the same.

June 27th 2005
821. Always try to add a little more Krsna consciousness to your daily life, another mantra, another verse of Gita, another prayer etc, etc. Everything helps. Gouranga!

June 29th 2005
822. Try to give very special attention to chanting the holy name. Make that holy name the most special and dear thing in your entire existence. Hare Krsna. Gouranga!

823. Love of Krsna is certainly worth all the apparent difficulties we may appear to go through to get it. There is nothing greater sweeter or more satisfying than that greatest of all greatest things, love of Krsna. Hare Krsna.

July 1st 2005
824. Life has to be lived to please Krsna and His dear devotes, otherwise life without service to the Lord only serves to put one in a hellish suffering condition.

July 2nd 2005
825. Never underestimate the power of Maya. Her business is to make sure we are fully ready to love and serve Krsna with everything we have and that we are fully surrendered to Him, so that we have no tiny tinge of material attraction left before we go back to Godhead, so that we don’t disturb Krsna and His lilas.

July 3rd 2005
826. You can’t take anything with you when you leave the body so best use everything now in Krsna’s service otherwise all things are useless and will take you to hell.

July 4th 2005
827. We must learn to be patient in devotional service and not expect results from what we do immediately. But always remain determined and enthusiastic in service.

July 5th 2005
828. When we come to the consciousness that we cannot live for a second longer without Krsna, then at that time Krsna will appear before us. Try to live for Him only!

July 6th 2005
829. Real living is living for pleasing Krsna and the devotees otherwise there is no life. Life without Krsna is no better than animal life. Serve!

July 11th 2005
830. Never think that you cannot go home back to Godhead. That is Maya. Just try at all times to please Krsna to the very best of your ability and with full desire.

July 13th 2005
831. Krsna is with us at all times and in all places. We just have to learn to depend upon Him and turn to Him at all times and in all circumstances. Gouranga!

July 14th 2005
832. Krsna is no one’s friend or enemy. He is equal to every living entity, but does become partial to those who show their love by serving Him body, mind and soul.

July 16th 2005
833. If we want to advance in devotional service and become lovers of the Lord, we must become non-envious and free from diplomacy. Diplomacy destroys bhakti!

July 17th 2005
834. There is no greater treasure than love of Krsna. So the one who gives that love is so great. Srila Prabhupada gave that treasure to the entire world. Chant, preach!

July 19th 2005
835. Read Srimad Bhagavatam everyday and in that way associate with the Supreme Lord Krsna, Srila Prabhupada and all the great devotees. Progress by this activity.

July 20th 2005
836. Do not try to be something in this world or try to be accepted as something important either materially or spiritually. Just be the humble servant of the Lord and His sincere devotees. We do not belong to this world, so why try to be something here that would be false. Gouranga. Serve Krsna and His devotees.

July 22nd 2005
837. Unless we get our mind to chant the holy name when the tongue chants, the mind will be saying something else. Get the mind to accept chanting, be determined.

July 24th 2005
838. We can become absorbed in Krsna if we really and truly want to, it is all absorbed in Krsna if we really and truly want to, and it is all dependent upon our desire. If we truly want Krsna, then we will desire Him and absolutely nothing at all else. That is Krsna consciousness, being completely conscious of Krsna and nothing else. Be greedy for Krsna, lust after Krsna.

July 25th 2005
839. Doing what Krsna wants is Krsna conscious. Doing what we want to do for Krsna may be questionable and materially motivated. Stay as safe as you can. Gouranga!

July 26th 2005
840. Think today how we can boost our Krsna consciousness. What we can do to increase our quality of hearing, chanting and remembering Krsna. How can we increase our service attitude and our willingness to give up our material attachment and desires? A day of serious KC thought to go forward with. Gouranga!

July 29th 2005
841. We should give up the tendency to speculate in any way, t has nothing to do with the truth and is generally a way in which we are trying to make it seem that ‘we know something’, ‘we are intelligent’. False ego! We have to accept truth and be humble and not speculate and accept we know very little.

July 31st 2005
842. The soul is made and meant ONLY for loving and serving Krsna and nothing else. So we should never expect anything we do in this world to bring satisfaction.

August 2nd 2005
843. We were made to serve, so we must serve. We will never be really and completely happy until we are fully absorbed in serving the one we are made to, Krsna!!! SERVE!

August 3rd 2005
844. Don’t be proud. What is there for us to be proud of, all the knowledge that we have has come from another source and you can always find someone who knows much more than we do. We are all insignificant and Krsna is inconceivable. We are servants. He is master. Serve with humility o insignificant one’s. Chant!

August 4th 2005
845. Be determined in your Krsna consciousness. Don’t let weak-heartedness affect your enthusiasm. Chant, read and serve at every opportunity. Be determined NOW!!!

August 5th 2005
846. We are all servants and lovers of the Lord. So nothing else but loving service to Him will satisfy us. So let’s stop trying to enjoy this material world which is impossible to enjoy and will only cause us more suffering and distress with each attempt we make to enjoy it. Be very determined to serve the Lord.

August 7th 2005
847. We should always be thinking, how can I be more Krsna conscious!!! Then we should be determined to put our thoughts into positive action to serve. Gouranga!

August 9th 2005
848. We have to want love of Krsna and always be working with body, mind and soul to achieve that goal otherwise we will not get it. Try friends, as hard as you can.

August 12th 2005
849. Perfection is doing what Krsna wants, when Krsna wants and in the exact way that Krsna wants, whatever it may be, it must be done and not anything else. Chant and be happy!

August 13th 2005
850. We will never learn anything unless we fully and honestly accept that we are fools and that all knowledge is coming from the Lord so we should surrender to Him.

851. Krsna wants our love, He has everything else! He has no need for anything and we own nothing. All we have to offer of any value is our love. Show Him your love by serving with great enthusiasm and with great care and attention. Chant with reverence and affection. Gouranga!

August 18th 2005
852. Speculation is not truthful. We should not speculate it may only bring trouble. When we speculate, it means we don’t know something and may be trying to impress others falsely. That will not help get rid of pride nor lead to the Absolute Truth, Krsna. Chant and be happy!

August 21st 2005
853. Everyone wants the lord’s mercy. But will we take that mercy when He gives it? The greatest mercy is, the holy names. Take the name at every breath. That’s taking the mercy of the lord. Chant, chant, chant and be greedy for the lord. That is His mercy. Take it, don’t be lazy or attached materially.

August 23rd 2005
855. The material world is like a WC; you just do your business and get out as quick as possible because it is a contaminated place. Chant and get out of here. Hare Krsna!

August 24th 2005
856. Friday is Krsna’s appearance day. Let’s all try to increase our consciousness and awareness of the Lord much more till then and after. Chant more etc!

August 25th 2005
857. One day less left in life to become Krsna conscious. Make each day a big day bigger than the day before. We never know when the last day will come. Chant, now!

August 27th 2005
858. Srila Prabhupada ki jai!!! Let us all make an offering to Prabhupada on this his birthday. Let us each decide we are going to do something extra to please him in the up and coming year and be determined to do that no matter what comes or goes. He has done everything for us. Let us do something to please him.

August 30th 2005
859. Every breath we take is one breath closer to death, but if we chant Hare Krsna with each breath, then each breath is one breath closer to eternal life with Krsna.

August 31st 2005
860. Human life is meant for sacrifice not for living like the animals. The recommended sacrifice is chanting Hare Krishna. But hearing with complete attention.

September 1st 2005
861. Just chant the holy names. Take it very seriously. Be exact in your chant. Be positive. Be completely committed. Do not be slack or inattentive while chanting.

September 2nd 2005
862. Krsna has given us everything. When are we going to offer everything back to Him with love and devotion without expecting anything in return?

September 4th 2005
863. Give everything you have to Krsna, body, mind and soul; thought words, and deeds. Everything belongs to Him and if we use all for Him that’s perfection. Gouranga!

September 5th 2005
864. Chant the holy names with great determination, eagerness, devotion, respect, unrestrictive, humility and absorption. Want to please Krsna so much with your chanting.

September 7th 2005
865. Don’t be discouraged when things don’t seem to go well, each second in time is another chance to be more Krsna conscious. Be positive. Go forward now!!! Gouranga!

September 9th 2005
866. Radharani has twenty five transcendental qualities:
1. She is sweetness personified
2. She is a fresh young girl
3. Her eyes are always moving
4. She is always brightly smiling
5. She possesses all auspicious marks on Her body
6. She can agitate Krsna by the flavor of Her person
7. She is expert in the art of singing

September 10th 2005
867. Qualities of Radha continued:
8. She can speak very nicely and sweetly
9. She is expert in presenting feminine attraction
10. She is modest and gentle
11. She is always very merciful
12. She is transcendentally cunning
13. She knows how to dress nicely
14. She is always shy
15. She is always respectful
Jaya Radhe!

September 11th 2005
868. May Srimati Radharani be pleased to bless you all with her loving mercy. She is so kind to Her devotees.

869. Radha’s qualities continued:
16. She is always patient
17. She is very grave
18. She is enjoyed by Krsna
19. She is always situated on the highest devotional platform
20. She is the abode of love of the residents of Gokula
21. She can give shelter to all kinds of devotees
22. She is always affectionate to superiors and inferiors
23. She is always obliged by the dealings of Her associates
24. She is the greatest among Krsna’s girlfriends
25. She always keeps Krsna under Her control
Jai Sri Radhe!!!

September 14th 2005
870. The devotee of Krsna is fearless because he knows that Krsna will protect him at all times and that whatever happens to him is the Lord’s loving mercy.

September 17th 2005
871. No matter what happens in this world, we must always try our best to simply take shelter of Krsna. This world is temporary and full of suffering. Just chant!

872. Krsna has sixty four transcendental qualities and these qualities are not at all limited, in fact these qualities are completely unlimited and inconceivable in their depth and breath. There is no limit to the lord nor His qualities. Gouranga will give us a glimpse of these great qualities by His mercy. Gouranga

September 20th 2005
873. Krsna’s sixty four transcendental qualities:
1. His body is well constructed
2. His body has all auspicious symptoms
3. His body is beautiful
4. His body is very glorious
5. His body is very strong
6. He always looks like a boy of sixteen
7. He is well versed in various languages
8. He is truthful
Jai Sri Krishna. Gouranga!

September 22nd 2005
874. Krsna’s qualities:
20. He is always conversant with scriptural injunctions
21. He is clean
22. He is controlled by His devotees
23. He is steady
24. He is self-controlled
25. He is forgiving
26. He is grave
27. He is speculative
28. He is fair in His dealings
29. He is magnanimous
30. He is religious
Jai Sri Krsna!

September 23rd 2005
875. Krsna’s qualities:
31. He is a great hero
32. He is merciful
33. He is respectful
34. He is competent
35. He is gentle
36. He is modest
37. He is the protector of the souls surrendered
38. He is the deliverer
39. He is the friend of the devotees
40. He is submissive to love
41. He is all-auspicious

September 26th 2005
876. Krsna’s qualities:
42. He is most powerful
43. He is famous
44. He is devoted to all living entities
45. He is worshipable by everyone
46. He is very attractive to all women
47. He is partial to His devotees
48. He is full of all opulence
49. He is the supreme controller
50. He possesses all honor
Jai Sri Krsna!

877. Krsna’s qualities:
51. He is always situated in His original position
52. He is omniscient
53. He is evergreen or always fresh
54. He is eternally blissful
55. He is conversant and is the master of all perfection
56. He has inconceivable qualities
57. He is able to sustain innumerable universes
Jai Sri Krsna!!!

September 28th 2005
878. Krsna’s qualities:
58. He is the seed of all incarnations
59. He grants the highest perfection to those enemies whom He kills
60. He is the most attractive of all self-realized persons
Jai Sri Krsna. Chant and be happy. Gouranga!

September 29th 2005
879. Krsna’s qualities:
61. He is able to manifest wonderful pastimes
62. He is expert at transcendental flute playing
63. He is surrounded by loving devotees
64. He possesses unparalleled personal beauty
Krsna’s sixty four transcendental qualities. Jai Sri Krsna. Gouranga be happy!

880. Expect to lose everything you appear to have in this world as the nature of everything is temporary, therefore it will all very soon be finished including our present little insignificant existence in this body with all its family, friend, etc, etc. Catch a tight hold of Krsna and don’t let Him go. Eternal!

September 30th 2005
881. Prabhupada said:
Our problem is that we are not sufficiently afraid of Maya. The condition souls have affection for the material energy therefore won’t let go.

October 2nd 2005
882. You have the holy names of the Lord. Don’t just keep Him to yourself. Give Him to everyone. He is everyone’s Lord. Show your Lord to others, give them the Holy Names.

October 3rd 2005
883. A devotee lives for the pleasure of Krsna, with no thought of trying to please themselves in any way. Very selfless and a totally subservient attitude. It’s possible.

October 5th 2005
884. Krsna Consciousness is the only sure cure for all material diseases and miseries. No amount of material effort or arrangement can put an end to material problems.

December 5th 2005
885. If we are jealous or envious, we are still in Maya (illusion). To free ourselves we should serve Krsna and His devotees with a devotional willing heart. Gouranga!

December 7th 2005
886. Gouranga. Dear Friends, I’m begging a little assistance this month. We would like many MP’s (Members of Parliament) to receive BTG for one year, plus one Science of Self Realization. Many of you may have already given a donation towards this, but this month we are making ‘a big push’ , so we are begging everyone to please, please, please send us a donation of £20, which will cover this for one MP. Hoping this meets you well. Yours, the beggar, BB Puri Goswami. Ps. or give what you can.

887. Send the donation to Karuna Bhavan, Bankhouse Road, Lesmuhagow, Lanarkshire, ML 11 0OES, UK. Address it to ‘The Secretary’. Thank you so much. Your servant, Kunti.

888. No matter where you go or where you may hide. The reactions to your past deeds will always find you. Chant and serve Krsna. No fear of the future or past. Gouranga!

December 8th 2005
889. Maharaja will be in SA soon, you can give him the money then, Gouranga!

890. Who can be complacent when snakes inhabit one’s house, when there is an incurable illness, and when death can strike at any moment? Take shelter of Krsna’s name.

December 9th 2005
891. Whatever we suffer, we should see it positively and think that it is less suffering to go before I can get out of this world; each time we suffer it is less suffering to go before we are finally free from past deeds. Be positive. Be as Krsna conscious as possible. Each name chanted is closer to freedom.

December 11th 2005
892. We have to pray to develop devotion and love when we are chanting and performing service. Krsna wants devotion and love, that’s what we look for in others also.

December 12th 2005
893. Pray very sincerely to develop real devotion with no material subtle desires. Pray to fully accept that devotion with sincerity when Bhakti devi gives it.

894. Be personal with Krsna and His name. No one loves you more than He does and no one can reciprocate with you and your love more than He can. Chant with affection.

December 14th 2005
895. We must learn and desire very strongly to learn to put our full faith and trust in Krsna. No one else can be trusted with their imperfect senses, illusion etc!

December 15th 2005
896. We have to fully realize that we are not this body if we want to properly associate with Krsna. Material consciousness can never enter into the transcendental realm.

December 19th 2005
897. It is said: ‘There is no place like home’. But where is our real home? Home is with our family. The real family is the spiritual family which we have in the spiritual world. We all have parents and relatives in the spiritual world and we all have a complete satisfying relationship with Krsna and our family. GO!

December 23rd 2005
898. We can definitively be Krsna conscious. We will be Krsna conscious. Continue trying more and more, and soon we will be Krsna Conscious. We are all on the road home!

899. We should spend all our time in ways which are only spiritually beneficial to us otherwise we will waste time, live and be forced to live that time over again.

December 24th 2005
900. Living in the material world will never be satisfying. We should give up any ideas of finding satisfaction or security in this world. It is impossible.

December 25th 2005
901. Xmas, another of Maya’s powerful tricks to keep the souls bewildered and absorbed uselessly in situations that create suffering and later lead to hell. Chant!

December 26th 2005
902. We must learn to do only what is wanted by the Lord and do it the way He wants, when He wants and wherever He wants and be very pleased to do just that only.

December 29th 2005
903. We have to learn to serve Krsna with the complete mood of just wanting to please Him and nothing else. No motive of our own. Simply please Krsna. Do what He wants.

December 30th 2005
904. We are all materially conditioned, so we will make mistakes. We should not dwell on the mistakes, but we should not use being materially conditioned as an excuse for not doing things properly in our service. We have to try very hard and desire so much to overcome our conditioning through honest sincere service.

January 1st 2006
905. There can be no happiness without Krsna and service to Him. If there is happiness in this world, why is everyone desperately searching for it in temporary useless things that have been tried by so many others who are still searching? A happy New Year without Krsna is not possible. Rama the reservoir of pleasure!

January 3rd 2006
906. Are we desperately trying with all our thoughts, words and actions to re-establish our loving relationship with Krsna? If not, then we cultivating something else, some other relationship which will in due time cause pain, anxiety, and forgetfulness of Krsna. Our relationship with Krsna is all we have, serve!

January 4th 2006
907. Krsna consciousness is a way of life; it is the real way of life, eternal life. It is not a philosophy or ideology; it is the practical eternal natural function of the soul, the loving servant of Krsna. It is not just something to think about or preach to others, it is to be lived the way Krsna desires, not out way.

January 5th 2006
908. We can never be sure of anything or depend on anything in this world. So we must just learn to try our best at all times to take shelter of Krsna in all ways. Chant!

January 7th 2006
909. Always try to look for the attachments which are generally unseen by us, things which we just accept day to day and don’t think much about them. Pray for vision!

January 11th 2006
910. Prabhupada says:
We should not be surprised by anything that happens in this material world, just learn to tolerate whatever comes
The holy names of Krsna!

January 12th 2006
911. Because we have taken to KC we should not think we are not going to suffer. No! We must tolerate all things and be fixed in KC no matter what happens. Be strong!

January 13th 2006
912. We should think ourselves this most fortunate to be given KC and we should do our utmost to make best use of the great fortune we have been given. Chant nicely.

January 15th 2006
913. Krsna has said:
This material world is a place of suffering and death
So to expect happiness, peace of mind, security etc is foolish. Just tolerate, serve, go home.

914. There is only one kind of Krsna consciousness. That’s Krsna’s kind! There is only one way to be Krsna conscious. The way Krsna wants. KC means pleasing Krsna only.

January 16th 2006
915. What can we give Krsna that He has not got? What can we tell Krsna that He does not already know? Give Him your devotion and tell Him sincerely you too love Him.

January 17th 2006
916. We only see obstacles and difficulties on the devotional path when we take our mind off the goal. If we go forward very quickly soon the obstacles are left behind.

January 18th 2006
917. We need Krsna, He does not need us, He just loves us so much, that is His nature, but He does not want to force us to love Him, He gives choice. That’s love! Gouranga!

January 19th 2006
918. Well done, you have taken to Krsna consciousness. The best thing any soul can ever do. Now make a good job of being KC. Work hard at it at all times. Go to Krsna now!

January 20th 2006
919. When will we have finally had enough of all the suffering, anxiety, insecurity, uncertainty, fear etc of this world and give ourselves completely to Krsna’s service.

January 22nd 2006
920. Take a vacation from Maya for at least one day; you deserve it after working so hard for millions of lives. Work for Krsna only today. Chant, dance, and take prasad.

January 23rd 2006
921. Don’t expect anything in life or expect anything from anyone. Just learn to serve Krsna and devotees and have no expectations. Take shelter of Krsna and go home.

January 24th 2006
922. Have we really accepted and made Krsna Consciousness the goal and focus of our lives or are we using KC to try to get what we want from life? KC means for Krsna.

January 25th 2006
923. There is no place to run and hide in this world, whatever is for us we will get, we must learn to take shelter of Krsna and tolerate everything that comes, chant!
924. We must try very hard at all times to control the mind. If we let the mind just do what it wants then we will eventually have so much trouble with it. Try hard!

January 26th 2006
925. Life is so busy. But at least a few times in the day just stop, be calm, chant the holy name very peacefully and think of Krsna and remember the goal of life. Chant!

January 27th 2006
926. Only when we truly and completely give up all attraction for sense gratification and the desire for fame, distinction, adoration and gain, and, when we absorb ourselves in thoughts and glorification of Krsna, will we attain true affection for Krsna. But we should try our best to go in that direction from now.

January 28th 2006
927. Krsna loves us! Now we need to learn to love Him. We will never learn if we think we know, we have to accept we don’t know, otherwise love will never grow. Gouranga!

January 30th 2006
928. We can surrender all the fruits of our actions to Krsna, this is wonderful, but we must try and pray to develop a loving relationship with Him. Develop love, prema!

929. We must associate with Krsna when we chant His name. Are you really trying your best to be with Krsna by hearing very open heartedly when you chant? He and His name are the same. He is there waiting for you. Are you going to Him? Are you giving yourself to Krsna when you chant? Try gently and with affection.

January 31st 2006
930. We have to live in this world, but live in such a way as if you are ready to leave at any moment. Live to serve Krsna and don’t become attached to anything. Gouranga!

February 1st 2006
931. Just try to do everything that Krsna wants and in the way He wants it done, and try so hard to develop an attitude of devotion and willingness. Don’t do it our way, it has not worked in the past. We’ve been in this material world so long because of doing things, OUR WAY. So much suffering from OUR WAY. Chant!

February 2nd 2006
932. Srila Prabhupada said:
The problem is that we are not sufficiently afraid of Maya, we have affection for Maya, in this world there is danger at every step. Chant constantly!

February 4th 2006
933. We are all infinitesimal spirit sparks, insignificant and all equal, the eternal servants of the Lord by our very nature. None of us any better than each other, just farther away from or closer to the Lord of our eternal existence. Let’s help each other and get closer and closer to Krsna without envy of each other.

February 5th 2006
934. Can you completely leave everything you are doing, all your possessions, friends and family etc, at a moments notice? Death does not give any warning, PREPARE NOW!

February 6th 2006
935. If we realized and truly understood that absolutely nothing in this world, not even the body we are in is ours and none of it belongs to us in any way, then how important would anything in the world be? Why be so attached to that which is not ours and will never be ours and will soon be gone. Foolish we are!

February 7th 2006
936. Take a vacation from Maya, you deserve it, you have been serving her for millions of lives and still suffering. Go to Krsna, serve Him and worry no more about life.

February 8th 2006
937. Nitai is coming!!! Take Him quick!!! He is giving the pure holy name for just one paisa of faith! Be greedy for Nitai’s mercy! Be anxious to get Nitai’s love! NITAI!

938. If we don’t give up everything completely how can we accept Krsna completely? We have to take the Complete Person completely, not just part, we will be satisfied.

February 9th 2006
939. Everything is Krsna’s. Why do we falsely accept that anything at all belongs to us? When will we stop trying to be the controllers and owners of what we want? This is the cause of our misery and anxiety. Offer everything to Krsna; recognize that everything is His, give up the false idea of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. Jai Nitai!

February 10th 2006
940. We have to be sp intensely greedy to get the Lord’s mercy. We must have that and that only as the complete goal and focus of our existence. Get the mercy. Nitai! Don’t be lazy, causal or in any way easy going about our endeavor to get mercy. We have to give our life with full energy and determination, no less.

February 11th 2006
941. The only cure for our suffering condition of illusion, anxiety, pride, etc, is the medicine of the holy name, this medicine has to be taken according to the spiritual doctors direction and not according to the patients desire which is affected by the patients diseased condition, which needs to be treated by the chanting.

February 12th 2006
942. Each and every moment in life is very precious. Don’t waste one moment on that which is not precious. Krsna is the most precious. If you truly value your life and accept that it is so precious, then use every second in serving and glorifying Krsna, then your life will be truly precious to you and to Krsna.

February 13th 2006
943. Have you really approached Krsna today? Have you consciously, with an open heart and mind and with the attitude that He is your dearest friend, thought of Him? Try!

February 14th 2006
944. Life is constantly changing, just accept it and try to be Krsna conscious. Don’t try to hold on to everything in life that causes pain and anxiety. Hold onto Krsna!

February 15th 2006
945. When we are chanting we must give full attention to the holy name, so we must be convinced that nothing else is important and that we must have faith that chanting the holy name is going to deliver us from misery and repeated birth and death, otherwise we will not accept that the holy name is all important.

February 16th 2006
946. Nothing can ever, will ever or does ever harm the eternal spirit soul. When will we be completely convinced and realized in this? The first step in spiritual life!

February 17th 2006
947. Consider your own self realization. Are you truly making as much effort as you can? Do you really try your very best to hear as you are chanting? Are you making every effort to fill every second of your day with real KC? Do you consciously try your best to think of Krsna and see all things in relation to Him? TRY!

February 18th 2006
948. We must pray to the previous acaryas (spiritual maters) for their mercy, guidance and protection in our efforts to become KC. Beg their great mercy. Hare Krsna!

February 19th 2006
949. The problems that we appeared to have yesterday that were so big, where are they now? The mind! Chant and don’t be effected by the apparent BIG problems that the mind projects. They will all be gone soon. We must continue with our KC and be unaffected by the mind. Krsna!

February 20th 2006
950. We are all insignificant. But how to become that in practice? When will we accept ourselves as insignificant and see all others as more important than ourselves?

February 21st 2006
951. If we are truly selfish, then we will look after the real self, the soul and serve the Supreme soul Krsna. Then we can be completely selfish at all times. Eternally!

February 22nd 2006
952. Krsna has come to us personally in the form of His holy name. are we being with Krsna when we chant? Be with Krsna, don’t ignore Him. He has come to us. He loves us!

February 23rd 2006
953. The mind has misled us and caused us so much misery by listening to it and believing what it says and it feels. When will we believe guru and Krsna and follow Them with the dedication, faith and submission that we have followed the mind for so many lifetimes? Don’t take the mind seriously. Chant the holy name.

February 25th 2006
954. We must accept that the holy name is the most valuable thing we have, even more valuable than our own lives. We must be more attached to the holy name than all other things combined. We must be anxious to hear and chant with complete attachment to the holy name. The holy name is the only thing that is our own.

February 27th 2006
955. We can be with Krsna all the time. Do we want to be with him all the time? Do we want to give up everything in this world? Do we truly want to chant perfectly? We must want to chant His name and be with Him only and not want or have attraction for anything else if we want to chant perfectly and be with Krsna.

956. How much mental and physical suffering will we have to go through and see others experience before we decide finally, we’ve had enough, and finally surrender to Krsna?

March 24th 2006
957. Without Krsna consciousness our lives would be empty, meaningless and without any real purpose. It would be a life of hard work, with a bitter end and future. Hare Krsna!

March 26th 2006
958. Do we really truly want to do just exactly what Krsna wants, or do we want to what Krsna wants, but in our way? It has to be Krsna’s way and no other to be KC.

March 30th 2006
958. Our one and only business in this life is to reestablish our loving relationship with Krsna, everything else is a waste of life and is a danger to us. Gouranga!

April 2nd 2006
959. Death is our constant companion in this world. Therefore don’t waste your tears on others, grieve for yourself, for you will die son. Be absorbed in devotional service.

April 5th 2006
960. When will we be in constant anxiety about loving and serving Krsna? That anxiety will purify us and create a deep longing for Krsna. Otherwise we think of us only.

April 6th 2006
961. May Lord Ram protect us all and destroy our Ravan like desires for material possessions. May Hanuman give us his mercy to serve as he does. Jai Sita Ram! Ram! Ram!

April 7th 2006
962. Take the holy name as your very own, your life and soul, your reason to live, your all and everything. Because that is the absolute reality! Nothing else is ours.

April 8th 2006
963. Fruitive activities and mental speculation are like pots of poison. Those who drink this poison thinking it nectar fall into the cycle of repeated birth and death.

April 9th 2006
964. Mundane love and affection for material relationships attracts everyone to their respective illusions and thus advancement in devotional service is checkered. Hare Krsna!

April 10th 2006
965. Consider material sense objects as dangerous and material life a dream. However the human form of life is the most suitable for worshipping Krsna. Serve Krsna now!

April 12th 2006
966. I have fallen into the ocean of illusion where whales in the form of lust are trying to swallow me. Please protect me O Lord. You are the ocean of mercy. Save me!

April 13th 2006
967. We must all die and leave everything in this world behind us, when we do. So best that we learn to be detached from everything so it be easier at death.

April 15th 2006
968. Nothing in existence is ours and it never will be. We must try to understand this clearly and just use everything for the pleasure of the Lord only, nothing else.

April 16th 2006
969. The influence of the age of quarrel is steadily increasing. Are we increasing in our Krsna consciousness to stay ahead of the influence of the age or are we being influenced more?

April 17th 2006
970. Unless we accept completely that chanting the holy names is the most important thing we can ever do, then how will we be attentive to our chanting of the name alone?

April 18th 2006
971. As death is moving closer to us at every second, are we moving closer to Krsna at every second? If not, are you looking forward to rebirth in this material world?

April 19th 2006
972. Prepare for complete dependence on Krsna. We cannot depend on anyone else as everyone is also dependent on Krsna. So why falsely depend on others in any way.

April 21st 2006
973. Attachment to anything but Krsna and serving Him will only cause suffering to us. When will we just want to serve Him? When will we give up our fight to enjoy? NOW!

April 22nd 2006
974. We have to learn to tolerate everything and still remain completely fixed in Krsna consciousness. We must see that nothing is happening to us the eternal soul.

April 26th 2006
975. We have created our own fortune and misfortune, pleasures and pains, friends and enemies, etc by our activities and desires in previous lives. Never blame others!

April 27th 2006
976. The heart of anyone who takes to this movement of chanting. dancing and eating Krsna prasad will surely be cleansed of all dirty material contamination
Srila Prabhupada quote

May 1st 2006
977. Don’t let past difficulties stand in your way. Don’t let the past be an obstacle on the path of going forward now. Each second is a fresh opportunity. Be positive!

May 3rd 2006
978. Are we hearing the Holy Name or are we hearing the mind pretending to be us and telling us how important we are and everything it says is of ultimate importance-ME?

May 21st 2006
979. Give quality time to chanting the holy names; don’t just try to fit your chanting in around all other things. Make being with Krsna the most important thing.

May 29th 2006
980. Think of how we can add to our KC today. Something more than before, not just our usual day to day things. Something positive and different. Think positively!

May 30th 2006
981. There is only Krsna. Surrender to Him is the purpose of our existence. Everything else is the cause of our suffering, anxiety and dissatisfaction. Go to Krsna now!

May 31st 2006
982. Try consciously and with determination to think of Krsna and see the world around you as His and all beings as His and sound is only for glorifying Him. Try hard!

June 1st 2006
983. We are living in a disaster area, each one of us. At every second there is a disaster happening in our lives if we are forgetting Krsna. life without Krsna is hell.

June 3rd 2006
984. If we always talk or want to be heard thinking ourselves important, it will be hard to hear the holy name or place of importance in hearing of Krsna or an instruction.

June 4th 2006
985. There’s danger in this world at every step. But the safest place is in kirtan. Be absorbed in chanting. Be safe, be Krsna conscious. Be a rare human. Be intelligent.

June 6th 2006
986. We will only be completely happy and completely satisfied when we are completely absorbed in serving the Complete (Krsna). We are made to serve completely. Serve!

June 7th 2006
987. We are servants, we were made that way, so we will never be completely happy until we are serving fully and serving Krsna as we were made too. Serve and be happy.

June 8th 2006
988. Krsna consciousness is a treasure not a leisure. Work hard and build up that treasure, increase it more and more by saving all thoughts, words, and deeds, for Krsna.

June 10th 2006
989. If you left your body right now, would you go to Krsna? IF NOT! Time to start fixing the mind and being determined in KC NOW. Be single pointed not whimsical.

June 11th 2006
990. Give yourself to Krsna, you are His, He has made you for His pleasure. We will never be satisfied until we are back with Him. Nothing but Krsna can satisfy us ever.

June 12th 2006
991. There has never been, and there will never be a better time to be Krsna conscious then right now. Chant! Pray, serve and learn about Krsna. Now is the best time.

June 13th 2006
992. Krsna is all we have that is our own and we gave Him up, ignored Him, rejected, offended and blasphemed Him. He still loves us. Go get Him, let nothing get in your way.

June 14th 2006
993. We have been given the greatest gift. Devotional service! How to realize that and feel deeply fortunate and feel so grateful that we absorb in service always.

June 15th 2006
994. No matter what happens in life, we must always hold onto the holy name. Never stop chanting no matter what hits you in life. Put faith in the holy name at all time.

June 16th 2006
995. We are the most fortunate to be given devotional service. Krsna is purchased by loving devotion so He does not give this opportunity of service very easily.

June 20th 2006
996. We should try our very best to do everything to please Krsna without any motive of our own. Being selfishly motivated in service causes us difficulty. Be KC!

June 21st 2006
997. Krsna consciousness is our eternal function; it is our true unconditioned, uncontaminated state of blissful reality. We have to truthfully accept that to be KC!

June 22nd 2006
998. Our only true and real relationship is with Krsna. We must re-establish that at all costs. All else is temporary and sure to cause suffering. Depend on Krsna now!

June 23rd 2006
999. We must somehow become absorbed in hearing and chanting the holy names accepting that is the all important way of life, total emergency in our present condition.

June 25th 2005
1000. Ignorance means we have ignored Krsna. We have to learn to get out of ignorance by thinking of Krsna and what He wants and doing that in the way that He wants only.

Are we living to please Krsna? A devotee exists just to serve and try in some way or another at all times to be pleasing to Krsna. Krsna is the life breath of a devotee.

The only thing that actually matters in life is Krsna, everything else is useless and will be finished very soon. Develop your relationship with Krsna urgently.

We suffer constantly in so many different ways in this world but still we remain attached. When will we become attached to Krsna and Krsna only, giving up maya.

Good association is a must to advance nicely in KC. One can also associate with the great souls through their writings and lectures. There are many talks between great souls in Bhagavatam, Gita, Caitanya Caritamrta, Teachings of Lord Kapiladeva and SP’s purports and lectures, Guru’s through their instructions, devotees in temples, nama hattas, festivals and wherever we can.
Should associate at all times with the Lord through His holy name.

No one can understand the suffering or anxiety of anyone else. Only Krsna does. Turn to Him, take shelter of Him and be loved by Him and love Him. He knows us.

Do we want Krsna’s mercy? Will we take it if He gives to us? He has given Himself in the form of holy name. Great mercy. Are we taking it? Wanting something else???

We have got Krsna in the mercy form of His holy name, how much are we caring for and loving the holy name, are we chanting and being with Krsna at every moment?

The distance between us and Krsna is the extent of our own false ego. We must give up trying to be anything except Krsna’s servant and be our real selves. Serve.

Everything is Krsna’s, nothing is ours. Just offer everything to Him with love and devotion. See everyone as His servants and don’t use them to serve our desires.

The soul, you, me, everyone else is eternal and nothing ever effects the soul, it is eternally the same. We must remember this at all times and act in that knowledge.

We must learn to live the philosophy of Gita etc not just read it and preach it to others. It is our way of life, the eternal way of life, loving and serving Krsna.

Are we sold out to Krsna completely? If not then we must still be prostituting ourselves to Maya, so we can be sure of more suffering and anxiety in the future.

Do we really want to love and serve Krsna the way He wants or the way we want? It really has to be the way He wants at all times eternally, nothing less. Gouranga.

Krsna says, ‘Always remember Me, become My devotee’ He does not say think of anything else. Forgetfulness of Krsna is the cause of all our suffering. Krsna Krsna .

We have to accept that getting out of this world is not going to be easy and if we are attached to having an easy comfortable life, then being KC is not likely. Chant.

Being Krsna conscious is the ONLY business for a human being, nothing else. All else degrades the consciousness and causes suffering and forgetfulness of Krsna.

Never consider anything in this world to you. That will cause attachment, hankering, lamentation, much pain and ultimately forgetfulness of Krsna. Chant!!!

Everything belongs to Krsna. So what can we offer Him? All we is our love and devotion and that is what pleases Him the most. He is purchased by that love.

Devotion> Abandoning everything. All thoughts, words, acts, emotions, attachments, attractions, opinions, I and mine, false identification, desire for recognition to serve Krsna, the way He wants, and no thought of any other way, and with complete enthusiasm and willingness. Like the idea? That’s real eternal life. Bliss.

Krsna only really wants one thing from us. That is us. He has everything else. Can we give Him what He wants? Not easy when we’re attached to trying to enjoy.

We must give up desiring material things and just desire to serve the Lord in the way He wants and no other way, then we will make rapid advancement in KC.

There is nothing certain in this temporary material world wit hall it’s temporary men, animals and situations. So we must not depend upon it. Take shelter of Krsna.

No matter what happens to us in life, either what we think to be good or bad, we must always chant the holy name, maha mantra and in time we will be successful.

When will we just want to think only of Krsna with absolutely no attraction or tinge of desire for anything else or any other thought at all. O Krsna Save us!

Not the body. Not the mind. Easy to say and tell to others. But how to live it in practice with full realisation and see others in the same way. Not so easy. Chant.

No matter what happens try always to take shelter of Krsna, you never know what will happen next in this world. Danger at every step. Always think of Krsna. Chant!

We should be living life only for the purpose of serving Krsna and getting out of material existence, not to be comfortable, secure, wanted, respected etc etc. Chant

Lord Balarama Ki Jai! He is the original Spiritual Master, so we pray to Him for all spiritual strength, knowledge, direction and shelter on His appearance day today.

Never give up hope at any time. Krsna is always there, we can always chant the holy name or read about Krsna. The only thing that is hopeless, is depending on Maya.

Are we purposefully and constantly endeavouring to develop a taste for chanting the holy name? If we are not, then we must be developing a taste for something else.

If we just keep chanting the best we can and desiring to please the Lord, we are going forward and will reach the goal in due course. Be positive always. Chant!
13/05/ 06

Real friendship is based on KC relationships, direct KC. Only in relationship to Krsna. Any other relationships are harmful as they take us away from Krsna. Chant.

We are always arrangement how to live nicely in this world, when we should really be making arrangements how to die properly and never come back. Chant!

Have a wonderful Janmastami. May the ever sweet and merciful Lord appear resplendent in your heart and mind and stay there always. Radhe Syam, take care.

On this most wonderful of wonderful days, Krsna’s appearance day, may your attachment for Him deepen greatly and bear fruit of divine love and stay that way. Krsna

All glories to Srila Prabhupada on his appearance day, the day that hope and mercy again into the world. Without him we would all be hell bound. Hare Krsna!

There is only one business in life. Becoming Krsna Conscious. Everything else is a harmful and dangerous diversion which causes us to forget our Lord. Hare Krsna.

We must learn to disregard the mind and all its pushings and screaming and always think of Krsna. Don’t take the mind seriously. Chant always.

We have to live to be Krsna conscious otherwise you can be certain that the future will bring anxiety and suffering. Servant can only serve, not be master. Krsna!

Time is very precious. You can never buy back 1 second, so be very careful not to waste it uselessly. Engage every second in glorifying and serving Krsna. Success!

All relationships, activities, possessions, bodies etc in this world are temporary and the cause of suffering when we are attached and think them ours in any way.

Living in material world means suffering. We must learn to tolerate suffering and not constantly be trying to alleviate it. Be KC no matter what and go home. Chant.

Are we trying to always think of Krsna and see all things in relation to Krsna? Everything is His. Nothing belongs to anyone else. Use everything to serve the Lord.

The all-auspicious holy name of the Lord can immediately burn to ashes countless millions of the most grievous sins. Chant. Have faith, patience and determination.

If we really want to be Krsna conscious we have to be very anxious about it, we cannot be casual. We have to want Krsna more than anything and all things. Chant.

This material world is no place for a gentleman! It is just like a wc. You do your business and get out as quick as possible. Don’t hang around. Hare Krsna.

We must pray to be eternally engaged in devotional service to Krsna. We should just want to be engaged in His service and absolutely nothing else then we go home.

Pray to Sri Radhe to be able to please Krsna by your service and chanting. She pleases Krsna more than everyone and is so very merciful. She will help, if you want.

May Sri Radhe be all-merciful to you all and may that sweet mercy enter your heart and stay there as your director and your proudest possession. Radhe.

If we do not know what our real eternal spiritual identity is, then we are in a suffering condition. We must serve and chant with complete devotion to reawaken us.

The king’s kingdom is like the dancer’s dance, in an instant it can be finished, in the same way Maya, the supreme controller acts. O mind, be always fearful of her.

Chant, chant, chant!!! Everything is in the Maha mantra, Radha, Krsna, the gopis, cowherd boys etc etc. The entire spiritual world. The only thing missing is US! Chant!

By chanting Krsna reaction to all sin is burnt up but we must pray to lose the attraction for enjoying independently from Krsna which causes us to act sinfully.

Krsna says ‘abandon everything and surrender unto Me’ the ultimate instruction! Our lives should be moulded around that instruction. Try, try, try a bit more daily.
Are we realizing we are spirit soul? Are we trying always to be conscious of this truth? Or are we going with the flow of our feelings and material energy. Chant

How can there be any real happiness in this world when at any second we know things are going to go wrong and misery is coming. Just anxiety in waiting. Chant now.

The only relief from material misery is to be completely Krsna conscious the way that Krsna wants. Anything else will cause anxiety therefore suffering. Chant!

Intelligent persons should control the mind restricting it from the illusion of seeing things separate from Krsna. See everything as Krsna’s or one is illusioned.

When will we willingly and with devotion want to just serve, remember and chant the glories of the Lord and His devotees? Pray with deep sincerity for that time.

One must chant and serve with the mood to please the Lord and with no other mood or desire in any way shape or form or one will not attain love for Krsna. Chant.

We can always go forward in life at every second. We must go forward. Advancement in KC is there at every second. Just think of Krsna and you advance. Hare Krsna.

Not the body, spirit soul. We’ve heard it so many times. But who is truly in that consciousness and living that at all times? We are the soul, and nothing else but.

How can we become the perfect servants? Just acting, thinking, speaking etc in the way that is always pleasing to Krsna. That will satisfy us nothing else. That’s luv.

Trust nothing in this temporary material world, not even your own judgement. Put full faith in the holy name, process of bhakti yoga and the Lord, they are Absolute.

When will we act, think, speak and be fully conscious at all times that we are not the body, spirit soul, the servant of Krsna and see all others in that way also?

Devotees should always be patiently waiting for the Lord’s mercy but not thinking themselves fit to attain that mercy, then the mercy will come. Humility wins.

Not the body, spirit soul. Have to become fixed in that realization or life will be a constant disturbance due to listening to the mind. Thinking. Feeling, willing.

As devotees, all we need is service of any sort. As long as we have service, then we are rightly situated. The servant only wants to serve at all times, eternally.

We should not perform devotional service expecting what we want as a result from our service and chanting. That is not DEVOTIONAL service. Serve to please Krsna!

The real purpose for chanting the holy name is to attain pure love of Krsna. We must chant with that purpose in heart and mind determined to re-awaken our love.
To understand everything on the basis of Krsna consciousness is the only true understanding. All else is misunderstanding and therefore useless and problematic.

Our only and only business is to re-awaken our dormant love of Godhead and absolutely nothing else. Everything else will cause us pain, distress and re-birth again.

Spirit Soul! When will we fully and completely accept that truth and act, think and fully function in that consciousness at all times and see all others that way.

Are we really taking our Krsna consciousness as seriously as we can or should? Are we making the only goal of our life? If not, then we will not be K.C.

We must make every effort to be KC in all ways possible and at all time with all thoughts and words and actions giving no time or thought to anything else. That’s KC.

We have to learn to tolerate whatever comes to us in this world and try at all times to fix the mind on Krsna remembering that nothing effects the eternal soul.

Determination and patience is required in performance of devotional service. Serve with determination not letting anything deter you. Krsna’s mercy will come.

Do we become affected by happiness, distress, heat, cold, honour, dishonour etc when they arise? If so, is our understanding of our true nature as eternal soul incomplete?

We have to see and fully accept everything in relation to Krsna and see and accept no other way. Anything else is false. Nothing is separate from Krsna. All is His.

No other force besides our own mental confusion makes the soul experience happiness and distress, heat and cold, friends and enemies etc. It is all ignorance. Krsna.

There is only one way to be KC. That’s the way that Krsna wants. Our own way is not being conscious of Krsna. Do what pleases Krsna. That’s the only way to be KC.

Human life, the best birth in the universe. The greatest chance to get free from repeated birth and death. We must take full advantage of out lives. Chant, serve now.

What do we have to offer Krsna? Everything is His! All we can try to do is learn to respect, appreciate and ultimately love Him. We have only devotion to offer. Try!

If we are not being KC then everything we say and do is insane and acting against our own eternal self interest and true nature, so will only end in misery. Chant.

Do not expect the material nature to be kind and loving to us. It is not meant to be enjoyed, we do not belong in the material world, so we will feel unrest always.

All we really need is the maha mantra, association of advanced devotees, service and prasadam. And we should pray for Krsna’s mercy, Chant, read, associate be happy.

We are the most fortunate to have connection with KC but we have to somehow or another stay in KC and in due course that unlimited fortune will be ours. Chant.

Every endeavour is covered by some sort of fault, Krsna says. But we must always do our best to offer service of the most devotional quality we possibly can.

No gift greater than the sweet holy name no love higher than pure Krsna prema is yours for the taking but do you really and truly want that real love. Chant.

There is no real pleasure to be gotten in this material world, it is all temporary and therefore a source of anxiety and lamentation. It is all illusion. Chant.

There is no satisfaction in anything material, it only brings pain. Eternal life with eternal service and eternal love is the only thing that will satisfy anyone.

We have to want to serve and love Krsna otherwise we will not get Him. Attaining KC is not an automatic thing, we have to have intense desire to be KC. Hare Krsna.

We may feel or think that there are many priorities in life, but the only priority is to learn to love Krsna and everything should lead to that or it is wasted.

Prabhupada has given everything. But, how much will we take? Will we take in proper mood? We pray that we will and others will also. Jaya Prabhupada! Hare Krsna!

I bow down to the feet of Lord Krsna, whose jewelled anklets tinkle and whose footprints decorate the paths of Vraj. (Vrndavana) Those feet are our shelter.

How wonderful are Krsna’s lotus feet! How wondrous are His lotus eyes. How wondrous His lotus face! O, how wondrous is His body! Wonderful Krsna! Our dear Lord.

We have chanted Hare Krsna and had prasadam, the end of our material existence will soon be over. Keep chanting, reading Gita etc.,. taking Prasad, the end will come soon.

NOW is always the very best time to remember Krsna and since there is no other time but NOW, then remember Krsna always, become His devotee, worship Him, go to Him.

To be KC we have to remember Krsna otherwise it is not KC. We have to remember to do everything the way Krsna wants at all times. That’s being conscious of Krsna.

Are you going back home to Godhead at the end of this life, Prabhupada wanted us to. We have to want to go more than everything else. Give all energy to that. GO!

We have to hear the holy name only when we chant, not the holy name and what the mind says. We have to pray with deep desire to hear the holy name ONLY, not mind.

Who knows us? Who do we know? Do we know ourselves? What is our eternal spiritual identity? Who is our eternal family etc? We don’t know. We must find out quickly.

If we truly wish to take full advantage of the great fortune that KC can give, we have to give up the so called fortunes that we hold onto, that are misfortunes.

We must work harder at being KC, lovers of Krsna, otherwise whatever we put the most energy into, that is what we will be most conscious of and ultimately attain .

When we know that we are going to leave this body and never return to all we are attached to. People, places, relationships, everything we relate to, won’t be easy.

When will we be urgent about making constant efforts to leave this material world and go home instead of making arrangements how to stay here comfortably. Chant.

Do we really and truly want Krsna? Or do we just actually want what we want and hope that by being KC we will get what we want. Are we still being self centred?

Are we really making arrangements to give up this temporary mortal world and go home back to Godhead, or are we making a future in this world? GO!

We need Krsna’s mercy. We must pray, beg, cry or do whatever we have to in order to get that mercy. Without it we will never go home or attain love of Krsna. Chant!

We never know what will happen in life, but we should at all times practice depending on Krsna by chanting, remembering, serving and hearing of Him. Be determined.

Maya is really there. She does definitely exist, we should never forget that fact. We have to be afraid of Maya so much so, that we run to take shelter of Krsna now.

What you are doing NOW is what matters. Are you hearing the holy name NOW? Are you thinking of Krsna NOW? Is what you are doing KC NOW? We can only deal with NOW!

Everything is Krsna’s! What do we have to offer Him? Nothing except our love and devotion. That’s the only thing He does not have. Are we going to give Him that?

We must be very careful about envy. We are envious when we think we are the controller or that things belong to us. Everything is for Krsna’s pleasure not ours.

Everything in this world is temporary, our bodies, our relationships with others, our belongings, the universe. Only our relationship with our Lord is eternal. Chant.

Srila Prabhupada has given us everything. He gave us the holy name of Krsna which is Krsna Himself. What more can we ask for than the Supreme Lord. He is all things.

Do we really believe and accept that we are spirit soul? Are we acting, speaking and thinking like we are the soul? Are we seeing all other living beings as soul?
Loving and serving Krsna and His devotees is our eternal natural way of life. We must get back to that way or we will always suffer. Bhakti is our eternal mood.

Our one and only business is to spend all our time and energy becoming true lovers of Krsna, anything else will just be a cause of suffering and anxiety. Krsna he.

To be KC we have to want to be absolutely KC and nothing else, otherwise it is not being conscious of Krsna if we want or think of something else. Krsna alone.

We are in the material worlds due to our envy and lust. Nothing is ours, everything is Krsna’s. Use everything to serve Krsna and become free from this envy and lust.

The material world is a place of suffering and death, so we should not expect anything else or be surprised that we are suffering. Just go on with our KC anyway.

The holy name of Krsna can burn up the reactions to more sins than one can commit, but we have to give up the desire for sinful material enjoyment. Chant

We must have patience and faith in KC and continue chanting and following to our best ability no matter what happens. We will go home to Krsna at some point. Try.

Lord Caitanya is so special. He gave pure love of Krsna which had never been given before. We just have to chant and accept that love. Keep chanting, it will come!

We must become addicted to chanting the holy name and that is possible when there is taste for chanting. That comes by hearing with rapt attention. Try and see.

Happiness is like a butterfly, you run after it, it keeps flying away, but if you stand still, it comes and sits on our shoulder. Wish you lots of butterflies, Gouranga! Shanti

There is always dualities in this material world. Happiness, distress, heat, cold, love, hate etc etc. But we have to learn to tolerate them by being fixed in KC. Try.

Always go forward in KC, be absorbed and conscious of what you are doing at the present moment, in that way you can be KC at this very second. Be KC now. Hear, chant.

Devotee has compassion for all no matter what the situation, otherwise it will be envy, disrespect, revenge, indifference etc., pray for compassion for all.

Since KC cannot be purchased in any shopping mall, we have nothing to offer the All-Transcendent-Lord but our bhakti, loving service in reciprocation for His love.

We, who are such slaves to time, to knowing it, to saving it, to managing it, to chasing it, to not having enough of it. But are we using all our time for Krsna? Serve.

What’s new about 1st January 2007, just another day. But another chance to come closer to our Lord, take advantage of every moment, life is fast disappearing.
We are all actually alone in this world. No one knows us when we are born and who really knows us now. Krsna knows us, go to Him, He is our dearmost friend. Get Him.

Somehow or other we have to attain full faith in the chanting of the Holy Name. Beg, borrow or steal the nectar of the name. Pray for that full faith in the Name.

We must always remember that Krsna knows the truth at all times. He is the Absolute Truth. You can’t bluff Krsna. Do everything to actually please Krsna. Hare Krsna.

All the actions one performs are only so much useless labour if they do not provoke attraction for the Supreme Lord. Therefore work to satisfy the Lord. Chant.

Trying to enjoy in this material world is the cause of our suffering. Human life is meant for getting out of this world not for trying to enjoy it. Serve Krsna!

Do we really want Krsna? Will we do anything and everything to get Krsna? Will we chant all the time attentively? Then we will have Krsna. He is His name, It’s Him!

Servant we are by constitution, so it is our very nature to serve, we will never be actually happy until we are fully absorbed in serving our Lord with love. Serve.

We must live only to serve the Lord and nothing else. Anything else will keep us in this world, suffering. It is our nature to serve, so serve we must. SERVE

The only thing that obstructs us in Krsna consciousness is our own attachments, desires, lust and laziness. We can chant and think of Krsna at any and all times.

Without Krsna there would not be anything. Without Krsna, nothing has meaning. If we want anything to have meaning we must see it in relation to Krsna. True reality.

Krsna is pure love, pure knowledge, pure everything. What could we need more than Krsna? What could be better than Krsna? To want anything else is surely insanity.

We can only truly say we know something in this world when we know and remember Krsna always. Because you never know what is going to happen next in this world!

The spiritual world is our eternal home where we truly belong. But we will not go there if we keep making arrangements to be comfortable and happy in this world.

We have to develop compassion otherwise love will not grow in our hearts. Only envy, hatred, revenge and self-centredness will grow. Chant, preach, serve constantly.

Are we really accepting Krsna or are we trying to get Krsna to accept us. Only when we truly accept Krsna will we be accepted by Him and into the spiritual sky.

If we are trying to be happy, it means we are not happy! It also means we are not acting as soul. Soul is eternally full of bliss. Hare Krsna.